Meet ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Billy Brown’s Daughter Twila Byars

Aby Rivas
Oct 13, 2019
02:30 P.M.
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Billy Brown and his family with wife Ami are better known for their particular lifestyle on the Discovery channel’s reality show “Alaskan Bush People.” However, Billy’s eldest daughter from his first marriage prefers to stay away from the cameras.


Way before Billy Brown met his wife Ami, and their big family became reality show celebrities, the patriarch of the Brown family had another family.


Billy got married as a teenager to a woman named Brenda, but their relationship didn’t work out, and according to what he said on “Alaskan Bush People,” he was “politely asked to leave,” leaving his first daughter behind.

Twila and her family

Twila Byars is the eldest of the Brown family, although she is now married and has her own “pack.”

The 40-something blonde is married to Mike Byars and has a teenage daughter named Bronte, who recently graduated from high school.


"So, I had an Epiphany today after reading a few things, that IM ACTUALLY THE NORMAL ONE IN MY D.N.A Lineage! Normal, average, and boring never felt so good." - Twila Byars.


Unfortunately, Twila’s eldest daughter Celie died in a car accident when she was just 14.

In a heartfelt birthday tribute to the late girl that Twila shared in 2017, she wrote:

“Time keeps ticking by, life keeps moving forward, another year gone by, but Celie will be forever young. She was cheated out of all that life offers, and the world was cheated for not knowing the wonderful person she was.”


Twila works as a show manager at a company that produces concerts in Texas, where she also lives.

A fake storyline for TV

Although Twila seems to have an estranged relationship with her father’s side of the family, she made an appearance on “ABP” in its fifth season in 2016.

The showrunners used the narrative of Billy’s “long lost daughter” to promote Twila’s appearance. They made it seem like Billy and Twila hadn’t been in touch for the past 30 years, and like she didn’t even know her half-siblings.


However, after some digging, fans of the show found birthday messages from Twila to some of her brothers on Facebook, dated from 2011.

On the show, Twila arrived at Brownstone in Alaska aboard a floatplane, meeting with her father and brothers Bear and Gabe, who said it was nice to “finally put a face to the name.”

Twila spent a day with the family, having deep conversations about the past with Billy, bonding over shooting range with step-mother Ami, and eating a wild-style barbecue the other siblings cooked for her.


Estranged from the family

On the show, Twila said she was happy about the encounter and felt welcomed to the family.

But according to her social media posts, Byars hasn’t seen or talked to her father in a while.

In early September, Twila shared a Facebook post that some fans believe was referencing the Brown family and their—sometimes crazy—endeavors of the Discovery show.


“I’ve never been the average person, walking with the herd or conforming to the masses. At some point, thinking I was somewhat abnormal according to the normal,’” Twila wrote.

“So, I had an Epiphany today after reading a few things, that IM ACTUALLY THE NORMAL ONE IN MY D.N.A Lineage! Normal, average, and boring never felt so good.”


Her husband Mike replied to the post, saying: “I know this is right.”

And another friend added:


In response to that comment, Twila simply laughed, fueling the rumors about her animosity towards the Brown family—or vice versa.

The "ABP" family now

It’s been a busy year for the Browns.


“Alaskan Bush People” recently aired its 10th season, and the family is growing as Noah, and his wife Rhain welcomed son Elijah last February.

In July,  Gabe and Raquell Brown announced they’re expecting their first child, and last month Bear and his girlfriend Raiven announced her pregnancy as well.

On the other hand, Billy Brown recently faced some health issues, and as Bear revealed to fans on Instagram, the patriarch had to go under surgery, although it is not clear for what condition.

The family is no longer living in Alaska and have moved to a rural area in Washington.