'Alaskan Bush People' Gabe Brown marries fiancée in a private ceremony held by his brother

Gabriel Starbuck Brown is a member of the famous “Alaskan Bush People” family. New reports have it that the 29-year-old has secretly tied the knot soon after his younger brother did last year. 

The reality star, Gabriel Starbuck Brown, following just nine months of dating, got married to Raquell Rose on January 14 in a private ceremony making Rose the newest addition to the "Alaskan Bush People"!

The Browns have a huge family including Billy, his wife Ami, and their seven grown children. The tight-knit family is well talked about as their reality show teeters greatly on the unusual. 

The show, which airs on "The Discovery Channel" follows the family as they weather the odds while living far far away from civilization. The “actual possibility” of the show has continuously raised questions on the media which makes it no surprise that news of Gabriel's wedding is making big headlines. 

In an interview, the hunky star expressed great delight for the new development saying:

 "We’re so happy to have found each other." 

Reports have it that the young couple officiated their union in Washington near the Brown family’s home on Jan. 14. An excited Gabriel said:

“We wanted a private ceremony first — my brother Noah actually married us!”

The pair first met a year ago when Gabe’s younger sister, Rain, introduced them. She did an excellent thing; there's just no argument against how good they look together. To get fans even more in the feels, Brown disclosed that there will be another wedding come spring because Raquell has “always wanted one.” How sweet! 

Raquell who is seven years younger than her new husband has been reported to have a tightly knit friendship with Rain who once let her heart out praising Raquell for helping her defeat depression.

Gabe and Raquell seem to be meant for each other as they enjoy immense support from the entire Brown family. The Browns reportedly gushed saying:

“We are so thrilled to welcome Raquell to our growing family. She is perfect for Gabe and has a special place in our hearts.”

The news has fans looking forward to the start of the newest season of Alaskan Bush People March 3. The show, although a bit controversial, has had a great following for its unusual but quite enjoyable theme.

A lot of speculations litter the internet about how they survive the extreme. While many believe they're living, few question the practicality of the show. Rumor even has it that the family live in a hotel, the Hoonah! 

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