October 11, 2019

Jeannie Mai of 'The Real' Gets Emotional Comparing Her Relationship with Jeezy to the One She Had with Freddy Harteis

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Jeannie Mai couldn’t help tearing up on-air as she compared her current relationship with rapper Jeezy to the one she shared with her ex-husband Freddy Harteis.

During Wednesday’s episode of "The Real," the co-hosts were talking about relationships when Mai offered her perspective on why people should be their own upgrade.

Jeannie Mai at the Metropolitan Fashion Week on Sept. 29, 2016 in California | Photo: Getty Images



Citing her love life, Mai confessed that her "standards were low" during her marriage to Harteis.

"We can go into a whole counseling session as to why I only gave myself that bare minimum," the co-host continued before adding that she doesn’t blame Harteis.

"When [Harteis] said, 'Oh good for you. You did that documentary' or 'that’s cool,' then I’m like, 'Great, he supports me. Awesome!'" she explained. "That, to me, is now my standard of support."



It took getting into a new relationship with Jeezy (real name Jay Wayne Jenkins) for Mai to realize that there was so much more she could get.

"I didn’t know until, honestly, my new relationship that even something as basic as…" Mai began before tearing up and taking a minute to gather her emotions.

Jeannie Mai at the Autism Speaks "Into The Blue" Gala on Oct. 4, 2018 in California | Photo: Getty Images


She then recounted Jeezy’s thoughtful gesture:

"I'm not crying to feel bad for me… It was so touching. But even something as basic as like at his birthday party; he left his birthday party to drive me to the airport… I was like 'I can Uber. Like, I Uber my whole life, throughout my marriage.' And he [Jeezy] was looking at me like 'are you crazy? I need to see you off.'"


"You can blame or not blame, but just be mindful of your standards," Mai finished, driving home her point to the audience. "Being alone in that time, I took to myself – that was my upgrade."

Mai’s emotional outpour, according to PEOPLE, comes a few days after she and Jeezy showed up as a couple to the grand opening of Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta.



The 40-year-old TV personality shared a picture of their classy outfits on Instagram before they headed out to the event.

While Mai looked ravishing in a black velvet gown with sheer paneling over a low-cut neckline, her beau was equally dashing in a classic white tuxedo jacket and black pants.


Jeezy is Mai’s first official relationship since her divorce from Harteis in December 2018. The now-exes were married in 2007, per Page Six. Mai and Jeezy first went public with their relationship in late August when they attended his inaugural SnoBall Gala as a couple.

Since then, both lovebirds have been vocal about their love for each other, either on-air or on the streets of social media.

By the time he finalized his divorce from Mai, Harteis already had a two-month-old daughter with girlfriend Linsey Toole, so it’s great to see Mai getting another shot at love and happiness as well.