Emilio Rivera's SOA Character Marcus Alvarez Is Kidnapped and Tortured on 'Mayans MC' & Fans React

“Mayans M.C.” fans reacted to the show’s latest episode where the "Sons of Anarchy" were brutally hurt: “I CANT HANDLE THIS.”

Fans of the show “Mayans M.C.” took to Twitter their reactions over episode six’s surprising climax, where the “Sons of Anarchy” characters were kidnapped and tortured.

The tension reached its peak as the Galindo cartel and the Mayans joined forces to save Marcus Alvarez (Emilio Rivera) from those who held him hostage. 

One fan said she couldn’t take what was going on hoped the Mayans could save the beloved character. Another fan tweeted:

“My heart is in my throat. Save Alvarez #MayansFX.”

“Sons of Anarchy” first premiered in 2008 and revolved around the tale of the SAMCRO motorcycle gang in California, including the lead character, Jackson “Jax” Teller’s, criminal life.

Many theories surrounded the show, which came throughout the year. One of which was the “Hamlet” theory stating the series was a modern-day adaptation of William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.”

Clay was the most robust and roughest member of SAMCRO, who served as the club’s president and was tight on Jax.

Another theory touched on reincarnation, which showed that Jox’s son, Abel, was actually his father, John “JT” Teller, reborn after passing away years before. 

It was also suggested JT sacrificed his own life to save his family and SAMCRO. On the other hand, another theory was that Jax was not actually JT’s son, but Clay’s real child.

Clay was the most robust and roughest member of SAMCRO, who served as the club’s president and was tight on Jax. For Clay, respect was everything -- a value he upheld until the very end. 

Earlier this year, one of the actors from “Sons of Anarchy,” Alan O’Neil, passed away after his girlfriend found him in his Los Angeles apartment.

O’Neil played the character of Hugh in the sixth and seventh season of the show, as well as Keith McGrath in the Irish soap opera, “Fair City.”

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