Angela Bassett of 'Black Panther' Opens up about Being Sexually Assaulted as a Child

Angela Bassett opened up about being sexually assaulted as a young child at the Rape Foundation’s annual brunch.

Angela Bassett, Eric McCormack, and  Elizabeth Olsen were at the Rape Foundation’s annual brunch, and the star of "What's Love Got To Do With It" shared her own experience with sexual abuse.

Like so many women, Angela was molested as a child and revealed that it was that experience that has motivated her to support the Rape Treatment Center and Stuart House.

Hollywood can play a major role in ending the conspiracy of silence that keeps victims trapped in shame and guilt

Actress and abuse survivor Angela Bassett/ Source: Getty Images

Actress and abuse survivor Angela Bassett/ Source: Getty Images


Angela revealed that when she was 12, she woke to find her mother's boyfriend fondling her. Luckily, the abuse went no further.

Angela's mother became aware of what was happening and expelled her boyfriend from her house. She said:

"Fortunately, it wasn’t a complete assault, it was fondling, but it was devastating enough for a child who’s 12 or 13. And thankfully to have a mother who could tell as soon as light broke that this happened and for her to expel him…"


Speaking to the hundreds of supporters gathered for the brunch at one of the palatial estates in Beverly Hills' Benedict Canyon to raise funds for the Rape Treatment Center and Stuart House UCLA-Santa Monica Medical Center, Angela said  with the conviction of a survivor:

"Those who have the privilege to know, have the duty to act. And that means us. That’s why we’re all here today — to see, to hear, to learn and to never, never miss anything."


Elizabeth Olsen joined Angela in her support of the cause and pointed out that Hollywood can play a major role in ending the conspiracy of silence that keeps victims trapped in shame and guilt by telling stories of sexual abuse in films and on television.


"Will & Grace" star Eric McCormack is one of the earliest supporters of the Rape Center and believes that the power of storytelling can also empower the victims, and let them know they are not alone. He said:

"I’ve always been so moved by how this organization started — that it was one woman calling up Norman Lear and saying, 'I can make a difference, we can make a difference.' And they have in such a huge way."

There are few women who can claim they've never known an abuse survivor - and sadly many of them are survivors themselves.

It is time to end the conspiracy of silence which serves only the interests of the abusers, and as McCormack said, the power lies within each of us to make a difference.

Sad child/ Source: Pexels

Sad child/ Source: Pexels


Researchers gathering data on child abuse from 2004  to 2011, reported that at least 5.7 million children had been abused at least once in their lives. 

The data revealed that 174,400 Black children had been neglected or abused in 2011 alone and that by the age of 4 Black children had a 1 in 10 chance of being abused. 

In comparison, by the age of 4 White children have a 1 in 20 chance of abuse. The frightening conclusion is that Black children are twice as likely to be victims of abuse as White children.

This is an issue that has to be faced and resolved as a community. The protection of our children must be our priority.

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