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Daily Joke: A Man on His Deathbed Asks His Wife to Marry Another Man

Gracious Egedegbe
Oct 12, 2019
04:00 P.M.
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A man on his deathbed made a weird request for his wife to marry another man. The meaning behind it is quite hilarious.


A man and his wife were married for many years when the man suddenly took ill. At first, it seemed like regular flu; the man believed it would pass, and didn't take it seriously.

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When the illness persisted, his wife convinced him to go for a checkup at the hospital. Several tests were carried out, and finally, it got discovered that the man had a terminal illness, with no hope of recovery.

Confronted with his mortality, the man lived his last days fulfilling his wishes, until the illness put him down. On a particular day, the man realized he was living his final hours, and called his wife to his death bed.

He looked at the woman solemnly for a moment, making her squirm, and then he pitifully said,

"Before I die, I want you to grant me one last wish."


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The wife was skeptical about saying yes without knowing what her husband would ask for, but seeing how frail and sickly he looked, consented. Then the man said,


"Wait six months after I die, and then, marry Joe."

Shocked at the request, the wife responded,

"But you don't like Joe,"

And the man smiling said, "I know."

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In another scenario, a man recounting what his wife has done for him to his friend said,

"Since I got married, my wife has tried to make me a better person. She got me to stop my vices like drinking, smoking, and staying out at odd hours."

He continued,

"My wife taught me how to dress fashionably, appreciate the arts, and enjoy gourmet meals. She equally got me to develop a taste for classical music, and showed me how to invest prudently in the stock market."

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The friend responded,

"You sound like you resent the changes she caused in you,"

And the man said,

"I'm not resentful, but now that I've improved, she's not good enough for me anymore."

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