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Faith Hill's Inspiring Journey to Meet Her Biological Family

Kareena Koirala
Nov 11, 2019
02:20 P.M.
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Faith Hill has never hesitated to discuss the fact that she was adopted by her parents Edna and Ted Perry when she was merely two days old. But many of her fans might not know why the country singer set out on a mission to discover her birth parents.


Faith Hill has nothing but love for the parents who raised her as their own daughter. Edna and Ted Perry adopted Faith a couple of days after she was born on September 21, 1967. 

Faith grew up as Audrey Faith Perry in Mississippi with two older brothers. Her parents were pretty attentive towards them. 

Faith Hill during the Billboard 2017 Touring Conference. | Source: Getty Images



Edna and Ted never tried to conceal the fact that Faith was adopted. Because of that, the singer could easily make peace with the truth.

In an interview with SFGATE, the country star revealed how the fact that her parents never kept the truth from her helped her deal with bullies when she was a kid. 


"When kids would call one another names, they'd say, 'You act like you're adopted.' And I'd always get 'em good, because I'd say, 'Well, I am adopted. So what do you think about that?"

However, there were also times when Faith would feel out of place because her parents weren't into music like she was.



In an interview with Billboard, Faith recalled how her love for music started brewing from early on but no one in her family was interested in music. 

"I had a spirit that was completely outside what my family was. I didn't know anyone I was related to, biologically, which gives you a sense of not ­knowing who you are."


That was when her curiosity to know her biological parents heightened. When she was 19, Faith went to Nashville to pursue a career in country music. A few years later, she started looking for her biological family as well. 

After she started feeling lost in the new place, Faith's quest to look for her birth parents began in 1990. Her brother helped her track down the leads from her adoption records. 



In 1993, Hill located her birth mother and had a face-to-face encounter with her. According to her, she just stared at her biological mother when they first met.

The country star finally found someone who loved music as she did. She discovered that she had a brother and that her father had died in a car accident. 


During that time, she was married to her first husband Daniel Hill, but their marriage had started to suffer. In 1994, the couple parted ways. 

Two years later, Faith met a man whose past was just as tangled as hers was. Tim McGraw turned out to be the one for her. The duo got married in 1996. 

Faith Hill, Tim McGraw and Tim's mother attend the after party to celebrate the premiere of Tim McGraw 's "Friday Night Lights." | Source: Getty Images

Tim was not an adopted child like Faith, but his life was equally complicated. As a child, he discovered that the man he called his father wasn't actually his biological father. 

He is the son of pro baseball player Tug McGraw, who wouldn't acknowledge that Tim was his son. In the end, they developed a loving relationship. Tug spent his last days with his son.