Lucas Black, Who Played Special Agent LaSalle in 'NCIS: New Orleans' Is Married to Maggie O'Brien - Here's a Look at Their Marriage

After six years of marriage, Lucas Black and Maggie O’ Brien remain in love and happy with their children. Here’s a look at their happy marriage.

Alabama-born Lucas Black played the character of Christopher LaSalle in “NCIS: New Orleans,” who also hailed from Alabama on the show.

Black also appeared in the show “American Gothic,” and films, including “Sling Blade,” “Friday Night Lights,” among many others. Because of his hard work and perseverance, the actor earned a net worth of over $3million.


In real life, Black is a happily married man with his wife, Maggie O’Brien, a lawyer whom he met in 2006 and married in 2010. The couple also shares a daughter, Sophie Jo, and a son, Augusta “Gus” York, yet they plan to expand their family in the near future.

Their relationship has been smooth-flowing since before marriage and Black’s faith and outlook on life is a significant factor as to why they have been positive.

The actor frequently shares motivational words on his Twitter account, one reading:

“I do not like the phrase ‘don’t judge me.’ You are going to get judged. Let’s not give people a reason to judge us negatively.”


Despite being a busy man who is focused on his career, Black makes it a point to spend time with his family, and more often than not, he shared their happy days on social media. 

Last October, the actor professed his love for his wife and kids through a post where the family-of-five smiled against an outdoor nature background. He also thanked the Lord for “blessing me beyond measure.”

In another post, he shared a photo of his family on a road trip to the Louisiana Sportsman Show. He wrote:

“I love my wife!!! She took us to the Louisiana Sportsman Show at the Superdome. The kids love watching the Labs retrieve and splash them. Our boy Gus showing his casting skills. We also tried to shoot some bucks and hogs!”


Black gave credit to his father for the man he’s become as his dad served as his greatest mentor who guided him through life’s triumphs and failures. 

Both of the NCIS star’s parents were hardworking, with his mother as an office worker and father as a museum employee. His parents imparted their values to him at a young age, hence his outlook on life.

Black was also brought up in a religious home, hence the formation of his strong faith at a young age, which he carried till adulthood.

At the young age of 11, Black debuted in his first big-screen role and has since evolved into a great actor without any formal training in the field.

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