Daily Joke: Boss Notices That His Employee Misses Work Whenever There's a Home Game

Rebelander Basilan
Dec 15, 2019
11:30 A.M.
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On the off chance that you need a good laugh today, this hilarious conversation between the boss and his employee will give you just that.


One day, the genial boss decided to call his employee named Smith into his office.

Man working on laptop in his office. | Photo: Pexels

"It has not skipped my attention that each time there's a home game at the arena, you need to take your auntie to the specialist," he told Smith.


To which the employee replied, "You know you're right, sir. I didn't realize it. You don't think she's pretending, do you?"

Man sitting near a desk. | Photo: Pexels


Reading a humorous story like this one is always fun and will definitely brighten up our day. Here's a bonus joke to keep you laughing some more.

The sales chief, the HR chief, and the boss are on their way to lunch around the corner. They detour through a back street and stumble on a beat-up yet an important-looking brass container.

The sales chief gets it. Utilizing his handkerchief, he begins cleaning the container. All of a sudden, a genie emerges out of a curtain of purple smoke.

Man and woman using their mobile phones. | Photo: Pexels


The Genie is appreciative to be set free and offers them each a wish.

Wide-eyed and thrilled, the HR chief says that she wants to be living on a wonderful beach in Jamaica with a sailboat enough cash to make her fortunate for the rest of her life.

The Genie says that her wish is her command, and afterward, she vanishes. 

Man wearing black suit jacket. | Photo: Pexels


The sales chief says he wants to be joyfully hitched to a rich supermodel with penthouses in New York, Paris, and Hong Kong.

The Genie says that his wish is her command, and then he disappears.

The Genie then stares at the boss and asks him what he wants.

The boss frowns and replies that he wants both those fools back in the office by 2 PM.

Magic lamp on the sand. | Photo: Feepik


Moral lesson: Always let your boss talk first. 

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