Ray J Dared Interviewer to Step on His Glasses Which He Claimed Were Unbreakable & the Awkward Moment Went Viral

Ray J is hogging the headlines again, but this time it was all about his snazzy "unbreakable" glasses.

Ray J claimed in an interview that his glasses were unbreakable, and the moment the specs snapped in two has gone viral.

Twitter is having a high old time poking fun at Ray J and the comments and memes are flooding the social media platform, and they are hilarious.

"Speedy" was reluctant to step on the glasses and urged Ray J to do it himself.

Ray J at  the 2019 Urban One Honors at MGM National Harbor/ Source: Getty Images

Ray J at the 2019 Urban One Honors at MGM National Harbor/ Source: Getty Images


The Internet is in stitches over an interview Ray J gave to "Speedy" Morman, and in which he was promoting his sunglasses.

The rapper confidently stated that his glasses were unbreakable and threw them on the floor and invited "Speedy" to stomp on them, saying:

"They're unbreakable. They can not break. It is impossible."

"Speedy" was reluctant to step on the glasses and urged Ray J to do it himself. After a rather childish back-and-forth, "you do it"/ "no, you do it," the talk show host relented and picked up the glasses.


"Speedy" took the glasses and calmly snapped them in half, with no effort, leaving Ray J looking dazed. Within seconds, the rapper bounced back and snapped

"I don't care!"


Of course, social media is unforgiving and has been flooded with mocking comments, and memes dragging Ray J for his arrogance, and even more for his "don't care" attitude after his product failed to measure up to the hype.

The rapper has been going through a rough time in his personal life since his wife Princess Love left him a few weeks ago.

Princess is expecting the rapper's second child any day now, and poor Ray J is desperate to get back into her good graces.


Ray J stunned fans by giving married men advice in a BET exclusive when his own marriage is on the rocks.

The singer is estranged from his pregnant wife, Princess Love since he left her and their 18-month-old baby daughter stranded in Las Vegas after an argument.

As many fand pointed out, the last man we'd expect to be dishing out advice on how husbands should treat their wives Ray J.

Princess Love has stated she is considering divorce, and Ray J has been doing a lot of public groveling to try and win her back.

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