Dr. Umar Johnson Speaks on Tyler Perry's Madea as Means to Make Other Pro-Black Films

The Psychologist, while appearing on "The Breakfast Club," urged Tyler Perry to keep taking up his famous 'Madea' role if that guaranteed him an opportunity to promote other black-focused movies.

A few days back, Dr. Umar Johnson, who is a Pan-Afrikan activist and Psychologist featured on an episode of 'The Breakfast Club' to discuss issues concerning African-Americans. 

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While on the show, Dr. Umar noted several topics as he had a long chat with the famous radio show, which included influential black celebrities and their efforts on activism, and that's where he made an example of iconic actor, Tyler Perry. 

While speaking on the media mogul, Johnson disclosed that he was not a fan of the 'Madea franchise' which Tyler Perry was most famous for.

He then went ahead to add that if the franchise was, however, what paved the way for the actor to realize resources that would aid the black community, he was okay with it. 

In Johnson's words:

"Guess what? If {Perry} has to do Madea to raise the necessary capital so he can give us a movie on Marcus Garvey, let him do Madea," 

The professor went further ahead to add:

"So he can give us a movie on the Mau Mau Revolution. So he can give us a movie on Bishop Turner, and so he can give us a movie showing how a Black man finally leaves his white woman and goes back to the Black woman, give that man some room to maneuver and judge him later." 

Johnson's statement is believed to be tied to a recent historic feat made by Tyler Perry, as detailed by ATLANTA BLACK STAR. 

The 50-year-old movie star became the first African-Americans to solely own a movie studio following the launch of his $250 million "Tyler Perry Studios" earlier this year.

The studio is grounded in Atlanta, and as further revealed by ABS, handled the shooting of blockbuster, Black Panther.

Tyler Perry attends the Oval and Sistas screenings at Southern Exchange | Photo: Getty Images

Tyler Perry attends the Oval and Sistas screenings at Southern Exchange | Photo: Getty Images

Well, the question of whether the actor would take to the Psychologist's words and pick up the Madea role again remains uncertain. 

In a previous interview with PEOPLE, Perry's answer to the question of whether Madea would be back was, "We'll see." 

This wouldn't come as much of a surprise as he premiered the role as far back as 2005, with the most recent edition coming in March this year. 

After disclosing the uncertainty of returning the role to PEOPLE, Tyler Perry also made mention of an exciting plot that could come into play if the franchise continued. He said:

"Although running for office might be a really good thing for her to do."

Without or without Madea, Tyler Perry is a legendary actor that has made an incredible name for himself in the world of entertainment.

Tyler Perry attends 'Tyler Perry visits the SiriusXM Hollywood studios in Los Angeles' at SiriusXM Studios | Photo: Getty Images

Tyler Perry attends 'Tyler Perry visits the SiriusXM Hollywood studios in Los Angeles' at SiriusXM Studios | Photo: Getty Images

Surely, he has a lot of beautiful packages in store for his admirers going forward.

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