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Tika Sumpter Gets Praised as She Flaunts Her Natural Curls and Baby Hairs in New Photos

Claudine Varela
Dec 28, 2019
03:20 P.M.
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Tika Sumpter's tiny curls and baby hair took center stage as she shared images flaunting them. Fans wondered how she kept her natural hair healthy and we learned how. 


Tika Sumpter shared a slideshow that gave her fans reason to sing praises. The photos were supposed to capture “Life in three phases” according to Tika but her followers chose to focus on how lovely her hair looked.

While Tika often wears her hair natural these days, she still experiments on different looks. Back in August, she debuted a rare hairstyle which earned mixed reviews.

Tika Sumpter attending POPSUGAR X ABC's "Embrace Your Ish" event in September 2019. | Photo: Getty Images



For the photo series, Tisha flaunted her natural curls. To keep them in place, they were neatly brushed back to reveal even the tiniest of her baby hair. This allowed her beautifully made up face to shine through.   

The beautiful actress appeared to be inside an office and was fooling around when the images were taken. Her last shot is a candid photo of her laughing.


Fans were likewise smiling we guess seeing that their comments for the star were laced with positivity. They were especially impressed with Tika’s hair and lovely face. One of them couldn’t help but write, “You look stunning in your natural curls and beauty.” 



Someone asked how she keeps her hair so healthy and we took it upon ourselves to find out. Upon research, we learned through Essence that she adheres to certain routines and employs several hair products to achieve the look. 

Among Tika’s favorite hair products are Biotin to make her hair thicker and Loreal’s EverCreme Sulfate-Free Moisture System Nourishing Shampoo that keeps it easier to comb and tangle-free. 

A screen shot of a fan's comment on Tika's hair. | Source: instagram/tikasumpter


Tika also relies on a stylist who helps her manage her hair during filming. On her part, she blows out her hair only once a week and wears clip-ons when she’s on the set. It became easier for her to manage when she trimmed her hair after years of wearing weaves.

A screen shot of a fan admiring Tika Sumpter's natural curls. | Source: instagram/tikasumpter



While Tika often wears her hair natural these days, she still experiments on different looks. Back in August, she debuted a rare hairstyle which earned mixed reviews. Sporting short, straight bangs and big curls, she was aiming for a 1950’s vibe.

Some fans commented that her hair had a  “Dorothy feel” referring to the famous character from “The Wizard of Oz.” Others simply found her gorgeous and thought she was lit. We think she totally pulled off the look.


It’s hard to imagine a hairstyle that wouldn’t suit the actress who has a face that could launch a thousand ships. She could be the cream of the crop(ped do) or a temptress with long tresses or simply Tika with her natural hair and still look like a star.