Gabrielle Union's Fans Support Actress after Terry Crews Says AGT Is the Most Diverse Workplace of His Career

Gabrielle Union and Terry Crews may have been on good terms a couple of months ago on AGT, but now the two have bad blood between them. Union's fans can tell you why. 

After Gabrielle Union was fired from NBC's "America's Got Talent" (AGT) late last year, she spoke out about the alleged reason, claiming that racism and sexism led to her exit. 

The accusations prompted NBC to launch an investigation into her time on the show. In December, she sat down for a five-hour meeting with AGT executives where she could voice her concerns.

Gabrielle Union attending a Prada fashion show in May 2018. | Photo: Getty Images

Gabrielle Union attending a Prada fashion show in May 2018. | Photo: Getty Images

Terry Crews discredits Gabrielle Union

Since that time, celebrities like Sharon Osbourne and Julianne Hough have commended Union for speaking up about her experience on AGT. Terry Crews, who is a judge on the show, did the total opposite. 

Speaking on the third hour of "Today" on Friday, Crews insisted that racism was "never" part of his experience, before going on to call it the "most diverse place" he'd ever worked. 

Crews went onto say that he hadn't yet spoken to Union and that his wife advised him not to make a statement on what was going on — it was a bit late for that, though.

Fans react to Crews' words

Immediately, persons pointed out how Union was one of those who spoke out in support of Crews when the actor, now 51, accused a former agent of sexual assault. 

It wasn't really about Crews' own experience, but the fact that he energetically undermined Union's own with no regard for what could be a situation unique to her.

Union appears to respond

Union herself seemingly addressed Crews' comments when she went on a short Twitter rant on Friday. For many of them, she retweeted words from fans who defended her. 

In one of them, she said in part,"...really exposes those who enthusiastically will throw you under the bus, forgetting quickly who stepped up 4 THEIR truth."

The support was immense

One person pulled up an advice post that Crews' himself once shared with comedian, Kevin Hart, about acknowledging the pain of others. In his case, Crews discredited someone's pain instead. 

Many people were compelled to call Crews out as a sellout who chose to keep his bag secure rather than merely staying quiet or at least conceding to the fact that Union's experience could happen. 

Crews has not yet responded to the backlash following his "Today" interview. Meanwhile, the investigation is still underway, and Union continues to push for a change. 

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