Daily Joke: Waitress Spills Coffee Which a Customer Ordered Right on His Lap

A man walked into a restaurant to get a cup of coffee. A beautiful waitress came to him and asked what he would like to have. He ordered a cafe latte and started to read a book.

The waitress arrived with a steaming cup of cafe latte. As she proceeded to place it on the table, she tripped and ended up spilling the hot drink all over the man's lap. 

"Oh my! I'm so sorry!" cried the waitress. 

A cup of coffee. | Source: Pexels

A cup of coffee. | Source: Pexels

"Could you please get me some paper towels?" the man asked hurriedly. 

The waitress sprinted towards the counter and came back with some paper towels. The man took the towels and began wiping away the coffee from his pants. 


"I am truly sorry, sir. I tripped and couldn't stop the coffee from spilling," the waitress said in an apologetic tone. 

"No worries. But tell me, was it regular coffee or decaf?" asked the man. 

"It was decaf," the waitress said. "Why do you ask, sir?"

"Oh great! I was scared that it was going to keep me up all night if you know what I mean!"


Q: What's the similarity between men and coffee?

A: The best ones are rich and hot. Also, they can keep you up all night long!

Q: What's a sad coffee called?

A: Depresso.

Q: Why does Jack not like hot coffee?

A: Because it's not his cup of tea. 

Q: Where do birds go for coffee?

A: A NESTcafe. 


One morning, a woman went into a cafe to have her breakfast. A waiter walked over to her and asked what she would like to have.

"I would like to have bacon, eggs, and toast, please."

"Sure. Anything else, ma'am?"

"How much for the normal coffee?"

"It's for four dollars, ma'am."

"How much for a refill then?"

"Oh, we don't charge for refills, ma'am."

"Really? Could you please get me my breakfast and a cup of refill coffee, please."

Source: jokes4us

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