February 13, 2020

Daily Joke: Man Offers Pastor Large Donation If He Says His Evil Brother Was a Saint

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Today’s #joke is about a man who offered to give a pastor a mouth-watering amount of money if the pastor called his brother a saint. 

There was once a story told about two brothers who were so rich that they could spend more than a few hundred dollars at a sitting.

A wooden church in mountains scene | Photo: Shutterstock


Despite their wealth, the brothers dressed and acted like ordinary men as they preferred to use their riches to hide who they were.

These brothers even attended the same church and could easily deceive church members that they were perfect Christians. After a while had passed, their pastor got old and had to retire which meant that a new one had to be hired.

Dollar bills flying around a man who is corporately dressed | Photo: Shutterstock


As soon as the new pastor resumed, he saw the brothers for who they were but he paid them no mind. He chose instead to speak well and true thus doubling the number of people that attended the church services every week.

A few months after his arrival, the pastor called for a fundraising campaign that would help the church to build a new assembly.

Golden cross with crucifixion of Jesus on the chest of a priest in black clothes | Photo: Shutterstock


Barely hours after the fundraiser was announced, one of the brothers died. The day before the funeral, the surviving brother found audience with the pastor and handed him a check.

To the pastor’s shock, the amount the church needed to finish paying for the new building was scribbled on the check. Once the check was in the pastor’s hand, the brother said:

"I have only one condition. At his funeral, you must say my brother was a saint."

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The agreeable pastor gave his word and hurried to the bank to deposit the check. The day after at the funeral, the auditorium was filled with people who knew the late brother. Soon it was time for the pastor to speak and as expected, he held nothing back.

The pastor spoke about the late brother’s indiscretions, especially when it came to cheating on his wife and abusing his family. The pastor kept rambling on about the deceased whom he claimed was known for his evil ways.

A metal urn with ashes of a dead person on a funeral, with people mourning in the background on a memorial service | Photo: Shutterstock

After going on in this manner for a while, the pastor concluded with, "But, compared to his brother, he was a saint."