February 19, 2020

Daily Joke: Student Tries to Buy Test Grade and Offers Professor a Dollar for Each Point

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One day, a professor gave a test to his students. With test papers on hand, he distributed these papers one by one to the students.

He went back to his desk and waited for the students to finish their test papers. As the clock ticked to the final hour of the test, he collected the papers.

The students on their part submitted their papers back to the teacher. The professor noticed that one of the students attached a $100 bill to his test paper.

Serious teacher at the blackboard. | Photo: Freepik


He wondered why and flipped the paper. He then saw a note that said, "a dollar per point." Because of the offer, the professor got a unique response to the student.

In their next class, the professor gave back the student's test attached with a $64 change. If you chuckled with laughter, here's another piece of joke that will totally make your day.

Students completing their task. | Photo: Freepik


There were five college freshmen who went on a holiday. They booked five tickets for their train ride. However, another group composed of five seniors only booked a ticket to the ticket booth.

This surprised the students and asked why he did not book tickets for the other four seniors. To which one of the seniors replied: "You'll see."

Group of students at the school. | Photo: Freepik


As soon as they boarded the train, the ticket collector arrived. The seniors quickly squeezed in the single toilet cubicle.

The ticket collector knocked on the cubicle where the seniors are, and said, "ticket please." One of the seniors slid under the ticket. The ticket attendant checked it and left the area.

Classic train in the railway station. | Photo: Freepik


The freshmen were completely amazed by the seniors' technique. So, on their way home, they decided to follow it and bought a  ticket to the ticket booth.

The seniors, this time, did not purchase any ticket. The freshmen looked with wonder and questioned their move. One of the seniors said, "You will see."

Passenger holding a ticket. | Photo: Freepik


Onboard the train, the freshmen squeeze themselves into the single toilet cubicle. After that, one of the seniors knocked on its door and said, "ticket please..."

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