February 24, 2020

Daily Joke: A Man Is Told His Wife Gave Birth to Twins

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Child-birth is an unforgettable experience, more so for the woman than the man — here's a story of a man whose wife had a set of twins. 

Mr. John sat in a hospital waiting room after his wife went into labor. He was a bundle of nerves, and when he caught sight of the nurse walking out of the delivery room, he asked how his wife was.

In reply, the nurse revealed to him that his wife had given birth to twins.

"How about that, I work for the Doublemint Chewing Gum Company."  

A young man touching his hair. | Photo: Pexels


A few hours later, the nurse re-entered the waiting room to announce that Mr. Derek's wife had just delivered triplets. On hearing this, Mr. Derek got up to declare that he worked for the 3M Company and was wowed. 

At this point, an older man who was seated next to Mr. Derek got up to take his leave. When he was asked why he was leaving, he expressed his desire to get air before adding that he worked for 7-UP.

Portrait of a confident female nurse in hospital | Photo: Getty Images


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A woman had to give her twins up because she didn't have the resources to feed or keep them. One of the twins ended up in Egypt, and he was called Amal. The other twin was named Juan, and he went to Spain. 

A few years later, Juan sends his mom a letter that had a photo of himself all grown up in it. After receiving the letter, she confessed to her husband that she would also love to see a picture of Amal.

Premature Newborn Fraternal Twins in Hospital Sleep Together in Plastic Crib | Photo: Getty Images


Seemingly baffled, her husband pointed out that the boys were twins, and if she's seen just one of them, she's seen them both. LOL

A woman was in the delivery room for hours as she struggled to deliver her baby after it was done, the proud mother fell into a deep sleep that lasted hours. Waking up, she immediately requested to hold her kids once again. 

Portrait of twin brother and sister | Photo: Getty Images


The nurse in charge revealed to her that one of the twins was female, and the other was Male. The nurse also added that her brother had stopped earlier to name her kids while she was out cold.

Dreading the names he could have given her children? She immediately asked what the names were. "Well, he named your daughter Denise," she stated. 

Portrait of twin brother and sister | Photo: Getty Images

The mother, to her surprise, liked the name her brother gave, so she asked what name he gave her daughter. "Denephew," the nurse deadpanned.