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Daily Joke: A Boy Whose Parents Help Him with Lessons Returns Home

Olawale Ogunjimi
Mar 02, 2020
03:30 A.M.
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Good parents are active participants in their children's education. A man decided he would help his fifth-grade son, John, anytime the little boy hit a brick wall while doing his assignment.


One day, John returned home excitedly as he waved a paper in his hands. The schoolboy shouted as he saw his mom and daddy: 

"Hey, Mom, great news! There were only three mistakes on my math homework. You made one, Dad made one and I made one!"

Photo of two parents with their sons, doing homework all together at home | Photo: Getty Images


Here's another interesting joke; a preschooler returned from his first bass guitar lesson excitedly. His father noticed the grin on his face, and asked: "What did you learn today, son?"

The son looked at his dad with a smile and replied: "I learned The E Note, dad!" The next day, when he returned, the father asked again:

"What did you learn today, son?"

Photo of father and son playing guitar and singing in the microphone in the basement. | Photo: Getty Images


With the same enthusiasm as before, he replied: "I learned The A note today, dad!" On the third day, the father happily waited for him to show up.

When the boy showed up, the man asked: "What did you learn today, son?" The son replied:"Oh, couldn't make it, Had a gig."

Photo of a little boy playing electric guitar in the living room | Photo: Getty Images


In Ireland, another kind of lesson was going on as an English teacher asked the class to give examples of when other people have used the word "contagious" around them.

One eager pupil volunteered: "My dad says I should cover my mouth when I cough because my cold is contagious!" The teacher nodded her head approvingly, saying,

"Very good! Is there any other example?"

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"My mother says my laugh is contagious!" another pupil chipped in. "Very good!" The teacher replied while scanning the class. Her eyes fell on Luke. "Do you have an example for us, Luke?"

Luke looked up from his desk and started: "well, my neighbor was painting his fence with a toothbrush. Dad says it's going to take the contagious!"

Photo of a young girl standing and talking in front of classroom to other children | Photo: Getty Images

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