Ivanka Trump Responds after Her Taj Mahal Pic Is Turned into a Meme

Odette Odendaal
Mar 04, 2020
01:00 P.M.
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Ivanka Trump’s recent pictures taken in front of the Taj Mahal became the subject of the latest meme from a popular Indian actor and singer Diljit Dosanjh.  Appreciative of the “warmth of the Indian people,” Ivanka joined in the fun.


Late in February, Ivanka, along with her husband Jared Kushner and other senior administration officials, joined her father, President Trump, on a two day trip to India.

While there, Ivanka took several pictures at the Taj Mahal, including the iconic recreation of the bench photo. On Sunday, Diljit Dosanjh shared his photoshopped version of the same image with his fans on social media.


The picture shows Diljit sitting next to Ivanka on the bench, and it soon sparked an array of different memes. They quickly caught Ivanka’s eye, and she played along in her response as she wrote:

"Thank you for taking me to the spectacular Taj Mahal, @diljitdosanjh! It was an experience I will never forget!

Loosely translated from Punjabi, Diljit’s caption to his Ivanka meme read that he took her to the Taj Mahal because she asked him to, and he couldn’t refuse.


The president’s 38-year-old daughter also shared a collection of other memes in good spirit and shared

"I appreciate the warmth of the Indian people. ...I made many new friends!!!"

The people reportedly received them warmly indeed. When the Trumps arrived in India, a welcoming rally 100,000 strong awaited them at the largest cricket stadium in the world, Motera Stadium.


Upon their arrival, President Trump expressed his “profound gratitude” to India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, and gushed over his continual efforts for his country. 

Following their visit to the Taj Mahal, the Trumps got ready for official discussions and a state dinner. However, Ivanka’s bench picture caught the eagle eyes of netizens for another reason as well.


A few months before the announcement of their separation, Princess Diana took what became an iconic picture on a bench in front of the world’s most famous mausoleum while on a trip to India with Prince Charles.

It was a few days before Valentine’s Day in 1992, and Princess Diana showed up at the Taj Mahal alone. The contrast of the big architectural structure behind her while sitting on the bench, now affectionally called “Lady Di’s chair,” painted a lonely picture.

Diana Princess sits in front of the Taj Mahal during a visit to India in February 1992. | Source: Getty Images.


In December that year, Princess Diana and Prince Charles announced their separation and officially divorced in August 1996.

She will forever be remembered as the "People's Princess" for her humility and kindness towards others, no matter where they came from.

Before meeting Prince Charles and stepping into royal life, Princess Diana led an ordinary life and reportedly worked part-time jobs as a nanny to earn extra money.