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March 20, 2020

Whoopi Goldberg Takes Part in 'The View' from Her Home as Precaution Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

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Most countries in the world have taken a self-quarantine approach as a part of the preventive measures against COVID-19. In the wake of the pandemic, Whoopi Goldberg is so determined to avoid the virus that she is working from home!

One of the many things that the global corona outbreak has taught us is that most of us can do our jobs from the comfort of our homes. As people around the world stay indoors to avoid the risk of contracting the virus, more and more companies are asking their employees to work from home

With a stable internet connection and a whole lot of discipline, people can still get their work done without having to sit at their office desks from 9 to 5. And it seems like Whoopi Goldberg is already finding ways to make it work. 


Whoopi Goldberg, speaks at Chicken Coupe during Food Network & Cooking Channel New York City Wine & Food Festival at The Loeb Boathouse on October 15, 2015. | Source: Getty Images


During Wednesday's episode of "The View," co-host Sunny Hostin shared that Goldberg will be joining the show from her residence. Right after the announcement, Goldberg videoed in to assure her fans that she is just trying to maintain a social distance. 


I am great! This is what we call responsible social distancing.


Goldberg mentioned that she went to her doctor the other day for a check-up and he gave her an all-clear to go to work. However, since the mayor and the governor sent out inconsistent messages regarding whether to order a lockdown, she had second thoughts about it. 

"I am healthy, though my doctor was very annoyed with me. He's like, 'I just gave you the okay, why are you back?"



The host further shared that she thought going out wasn't good for her during this time of uncertainty so she chose to stay home and join the other "The View" co-hosts virtually. 


Meanwhile, co-host Joy Behar also announced that she will be taking an unspecified amount of time off the show considering the corona pandemic.


In an episode of "The View," Behar said that she wants to stay home because people her age are most likely to be severely affected by COVID-19. 

"I don’t look my age, but I’m actually up there. The number makes me dizzy."


Fans have supported Goldberg's decision to stay home amid the uncertainty and many of them applauded her on social media. Currently, Meghan McCain and Hostin along with other guest co-host's are the ones working in-studio. 

We at AmoMama do our best to give you the most updated news regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, but the situation is constantly changing. We encourage readers to refer to the online updates from CDC, WHO, or Local Health Departments to stay updated. Take care!