April 04, 2020

Rob Lowe's Youngest Son John Shares Inspiring Message Celebrating Two Years of Sobriety

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Rob Lowe's son, John Owen Lowe, couldn't hide his emotions in a new post as he celebrated going "clean" and off alcohol.

Star actor Rob Lowe's son, John Lowe, is grateful for a lot of things, but one significant transformation in his life is his long-standing journey to sobriety. Two days ago, the young adult took to Instagram, where he shared a reflection on his past battle with alcohol and eventual success.



The "The Lowe Files" star shared a collage of a throwback photo of himself heavily drinking in what looked like the interior of a car. At the same time, the second image presented a template for an app that possibly helped him calculate sobriety. In his caption, John expressed his happiness:

"I haven't been vocal about my sobriety on here just because I feel it was something I wanted to keep personal, but I had a change of heart today…"


In his lengthy and detailed write-up, Rob Lowe's youngest son showed gratitude to his friends and well-wishers, who contributed to his two-year journey of staying clear of alcohol.

He stressed the fact that it was a tough decision to make when trying to get over an addiction. The 25-year-old pointed out the fact that other addicts are trying to get cured, and he urged concerned individuals to take "the bold step." Fans were blown away by his candid story, and they wasted no time in cheering the young Lowe.



Among thousands of supporters who saw the need to keep encouraging the Hollywood actor, was his star dad, Rob, who happily wrote: "I have never been more proud of you. Your hard work is an inspiration…"

Speaking at the Television Critics Association, Lowe explained how Tyler was an inspiration.



As it is, the "Holiday in the Wild" star isn't the only one proud to talk about his freedom from addiction as his celebrity dad, Rob also celebrates getting over alcoholism.

According to him, his encounter with Steve Tyler helped him forge ahead, and now he has celebrated 30 years of overcoming his drinking problems. Speaking at the Television Critics Association, Rob Lowe explained how Tyler was an inspiration.

Rob Lowe attends the Vanity Fair x Bloomberg climate change gala dinner at Bloomberg London on December 11, 2018, in London, England. | Source: Getty Images.

He said: "I was probably sober two or three weeks, maybe, and I got a phone call from Steven Tyler, who I did not know…" The "Code Black" actor also added that he became sober to stop cheating on his wife.