NY Politician's Warning about Using Own Balls in Tennis Court Goes Hilariously Wrong

A New York County Executive, Laura Curran, had people giggling after she outlined proper precautions, for reopening local tennis courts, against the novel coronavirus.

The County Executive of Nassau had quite an awkward speech on May 15 when she did her best to educate the people about the dangers and precautions associated with reopening the local tennis courts. While reading, Laura said:

"Every player...has to bring their own tennis balls. You can kick their [other people's] balls but not touch them."

New York County Executive Laura Curran addresses the public | Photo: Youtube/@Daily Blast LIVE

New York County Executive Laura Curran addresses the public | Photo: Youtube/@Daily Blast LIVE

The innocent statement which Laura uttered had been referring to how people playing on the courts should handle equipment such as their tennis balls, adding that they were advised to bring their own equipment.

The double entendre was, at first, unnoticed by the politician. Those around her, however, spotted it immediately, and a chorus of laughter could be heard from her audience. That was when she realized the unknowing innuendo she had dropped.

Also finding it slightly hilarious, Laura tried her best to stifle her laughter and remain composed, she admitted that she was going to blush from embarrassment at what she had said.

To avoid confusion, they could mark their tennis balls with sharpies.

The Sunday afternoon briefing had become a kind of viral sensation, crossing social platforms and becoming the topic of many tweets and posts.

Laura had managed to draw out the fourth-grader locked away in the minds of many adults as soon as they watched the video and happened on the "big moment." A Twitter user could not help but tweet about the incident and wrote:

"I'm dying. Watched 3 times. Sense of humor of 7yr old."

This user was not the only one who felt the same way. Another tweeted how funny they found the video and admitted that their sense of humor would never graduate from middle school. Curran had brought a little unintended humor, and it was welcomed publicly with open arms.

The rather interesting lecture on ball handling did not end there. Laura went on to give some more tips and tricks on how players on the court could identify their balls. 

Another tweet turned the excerpt around and made a joke out of a ridiculous sentence asking someone to let them mark their balls to avoid confusion.

To avoid confusion, they could mark their tennis balls with sharpies to be able to distinguish one's ball from another person's and ultimately avoid cross-contamination as much as possible.

While the internet did what it does best — get a kick out of any blunder that makes its way into the light — the message Curran was trying to pass along was only further broadcasted in, albeit, a rather unusual manner.

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