July 17, 2020

Keshia Knight Pulliam Shows off Her Bright Red Lipstick and Growing Gray Hair in a Gorgeous New Selfie

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Former child star Keisha K. Pulliam flaunted her radiant look in a new post as she gave fans a glimpse of her lush hair which is beginning to go grey.

80s star Keisha K Pulliam is gradually getting her grey hair, but the new development doesn't faze her. She confirmed this in a fresh Instagram post, where she showed off her glowing face to the delight of fans. 

Keisha Knight Pulliam at ONE MusicFest VIP Dinner at W Hotel Atlanta Downtown on September 7, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia | Photo: Getty Images


In the post, Pulliam's soft glam featured bright red lipstick while she left her face bare of more makeup. She displayed a pout as she struck a pose for her selfie. Pulliam's curly tresses were sliced back with a colorful scarf while the base of her hair showed streaks of grey hairs.

[Keshia Knight Pulliam] caused a stir among her Instagram followers after she shared a romantic photo of her and her lover, Brad James.


In her caption, the television actress informed fans of her favorite brand of lipsticks. While many fans showed their approval for her choice of makeup, an observer mentioned that Pulliam's hair was going grey. The star actress revealed that she was proud of her hair as she replied to the follower:

"Yeah, it's called wisdom… it happens to everyone if you are lucky enough to live a while."

Pulliam became fans' favorite when she was a child playing the role of Rudy Huxtable in "The Cosby Show." These days, fans are witnessing her growth process.



Madame Noire reports that Pulliam was once in the news after deciding to debut her daughter, Ella Grace, on Instagram. At the time, Ella was almost two years old when her mom gave fans a sneak peek. 

The little one looked exactly like her mom and could take the role of Rudy Huxtable if a reprisal was needed! Little Ella Grace is Pulliam's only child from her marriage to ex-NFL star, Ed Hartwell.


The Blast shares that Pulliam and her ex-husband Ed Hartwell have been at loggerheads for a while due to custody issues. Hartwell once accused the Hollywood star of keeping his daughter away from him.

Hartwell said that she was "self-centered" and would not keep to her end of the custody bargain. Pulliam retorted and made it known that Hartwell had shortcomings concerning visitations. Cheat Sheet reports that a recent exchange between the estranged duo had Pulliam accusing Hartwell of owing custody payment.


Pulliam made it known that the former sports star was behind in payments and should be held accountable for his actions. Although they still have pending issues to sort from time to time, Pulliam has moved on with her love life.

According to Cheat Sheet, the star actress caused a stir among her Instagram followers after she shared a romantic photo of her and her lover, Brad James. The duo looked perfect as they stood in awe of each other. Brad James is also an actor. He is known for performing his stunts.