Gold-Digging Husband Dumps Wife Because of Young Mistress and Lives to Regret His Decision — Story of the Day

Mary Scott
Aug 17, 2020
11:30 A.M.
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Everyone talks lightly about Karma until they experience it, and it becomes real. I've heard some pretty memorable stories about the concept, like this one of a gold-digging husband jilting his wife.


We'll call the wife, Susan. She came in one day to meet the surprise of her life. She had just returned from work and was calling out for her husband when she saw him with his arms around a younger woman wearing her dress.

Susan did not know that moments before she came in, the strange woman, Alice (not real name), had been asking her husband, Dan when he would divorce Susan.

Middle-aged woman | Photo: Pixabay


"Wait... What? Who is this girl? And why is she wearing my dress?" Susan stammered when she saw her husband, still kept his arms around the strange woman.

While she wanted to gloat over his misfortune, Susan was too happy and fulfilled in her own life to produce the negative emotion.

"Ooh, we've been waiting for you," Dan drawled. "I want you to meet Laura, my future wife. She is pregnant with my son." Susan felt like someone slammed her against a wall. What was her husband saying?

A beautiful woman crying | Photo: Pixabay


When she asked him if they were not still married, Dan said:

"You're so not in my league anymore. Moreover, you lied to me! I thought, despite your age, you'll give me children. But you never got pregnant! Alice is right; I deserve better."

Susan could not believe her ears, and when Alice told her, "I'm afraid you have to leave now," she couldn't take it anymore. Here was a random woman sending her out of her own house.

"No... What?... What's going on here?" she stammered. "You two. You can't do this. My late husband bought this house." Dan only laughed and reminded Susan how he took care of her when she was ill.


Upset woman | Photo: Pixabay

His actions back then convinced Susan he truly loved her. She was happy to get a second chance at love after losing her late husband – her soulmate – to cancer.


"I missed all my favorite football team's matches because I was looking after you!" Dan claimed. "It was only fair that you put your house in my name after marrying me."

Alice got up and looked around the room, saying she couldn't wait to change things in the house; take down all of Dan and Susan's photos because they just looked like he was posing with his mom.

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Humiliated, Susan asked Dan if they could speak in private. He refused, saying bluntly that all he wanted from her was a divorce so he could start enjoying his new life with Alice.

Before she stormed out, Susan said:

“Wow! I really thought that what we had was real; that we were in love. Like a blind sheep, I ignored all the red flags. I even stopped talking to my mom, because she warned me about this. I sold my business to invest in yours. You're rich now only because of me! But before I go I want you to remember this: life is like a boomerang. You get what you give.”

But Dan and his new "wife" did not care for Susan's words. If only Dan knew what was in store for him, he might have realized that moment as the moment his world was shattered.


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Five years down the line, Dan, the one-time millionaire, was homeless and penniless. He couldn't find a job and only survived on what he got begging outside grocery stores and restaurants.


One day a woman hands him a $100 note. His shock at the generosity was nothing compared to the one he felt looking into the woman's face and seeing his ex-wife, Susan. "Dan?!" Susan screamed, wondering why he looked – and smelled – so terrible.

Dan could not hold back the tears of shame. "When you left me, my life became a disaster," he sobbed. "My business unexpectedly tanked. I didn't know how much I relied on your ideas all those years."

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As it turned out, little Miss Alice didn't waste time packing her bags when the money dried up, and she told Dan he wasn't the father of her baby. "My prayer all these years has been to get a second chance with you," Dan told Susan.

While she wanted to gloat over his misfortune, Susan was too happy and fulfilled in her own life to produce a negative emotion. She actually felt sorry for him.

Susan gladly told him she was now married and had adopted a baby with her husband recently. "I started a new business, a restaurant, actually, and we have a vacancy for a toilet cleaner if you don't mind."

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Dan bowed his head as he took Susan's card, knowing how much he could use a job – any job – right now. I've heard tons of stories just like this, the man maltreating his wife and Karma showing up at the end of the day. I have also heard of cases where it's the other way around.

One can't help wondering: "When will people learn?"