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August 22, 2020

'Yellowstone' Honored the Late Wilford Brimley — Interesting Facts about the Cowboy Actor

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Wilford Brimley never appeared on HBO's "Yellowstone," but it is hard to deny the actor's influence on the series. In the most recent episode, Wilford received a title card in honor of his life's work. 

This week, fans of HBO's hit Western drama, "Yellowstone," were surprised to see a title card for Wilford Brimley on the show. The tribute comes after Brimley's death earlier this month. 

Although he never appeared in the series, there is good reason for the honor. Brimley, best known for his roles in "Cocoon," "The Natural," and "Absence of Malice," is a legend in Western media.

Wilford Brimley attends the Annual Kennedy Centers Honors Awards in Washington, Maryland on January 3, 1988 | Photo: Getty Images



Brimley appeared in nearly 100 films over his career. His walrus mustache and deep voice made up his signature traits. But it was his background that gave him an edge and earned him his Western legend status. 

Brimley grew up around horses and developed a passion for the cowboy lifestyle. He would eventually go from shoeing horses for Western films to starring in them in the '70s. 

Wilford Brimley attends the screening of "Last Stand at Saber River" in New York City on January 16. 1997 | Photo: Getty Images


However, the actor never appeared in "Yellowstone." Regardless, in the title card they gave Brimley, they described him as "a cowboy, an artist, and a good friend" of the series. 


Brimley would have been proud to be associated with the last "Yellowstone" episode, which saw Rip kill Wade after squeezing out information from the latter. 

Lloyd and Walker later disposed of the bodies resulting from the killings. Elsewhere, Rip inducted Colby and Teeter into the Yellowstone community.



Brimley died on August 1 at the age of 85. He was in a St. George hospital in Utah when he passed away from complications with his kidney. His manager, Lynda Bensky, announced the grim news. She said

"Wilford Brimley was a man you could trust. He said what he meant, and he meant what he said. He had a tough exterior and a tender heart. I'm sad that I will no longer get to hear my friend's wonderful stories."

Wilford Brimley attends a salute to Merv Adelson by the Jewish Committee in Beverly Hills, California on October 25, 1987 | Photo: Getty Images



Born to Lola Samantha and Wilford Charles, Brimley also garnered fans thanks to his Quaker Oats commercials and for pronouncing diabetes as "diabeetus" in Liberty Medical ads. 

Before acting, Brimley was a farmer and rodeo rider. In addition to his Hollywood life, Brimley was also a jazz singer and released many albums. Brimley was married twice in his lifetime.

Wilford Brimley in character as Gus Witherspoon in "Our House" in 1986 | Photo: Getty Images

First to Lynne Brimley from June 1956 to June 2000. He shared four children, James, John, William, and Lawrence, with her.  The actor was married to Beverly Berry from 2007 until his death.