August 29, 2020

Watch a Funny Throwback Video of Ray J's Daughter Melody Changing Emotions from Happy to Sad

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Ray J and Princess Love's daughter Melody was not so keen on welcoming a sibling into her life. This is how she reacted when her mother asked if she wanted a brother in a throwback video.

"Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" stars Princess Love and Ray J's baby daughter Melody Love Norwood is such a darling! The 2-year-old and her baby brother, Epik Ray, are two of the cutest babies of hip hop. 

Melody loves her brother like anything but before he came into this world, she seemingly did not like the idea of sharing her parents' love with him.

Ray J and wife Princess Love at a GQ-sponsored Grammy event in February 2017. | Source: Getty Images



On August 27, Love shared a throwback video of the baby girl on Instagram where she asked her if she wanted a brother the next year. 

For the first few seconds, the little one was happy and even let out a giggle but when her mom asked her if she wanted a brother again, she started to cry. 


Maybe the tot realized that she would no longer be the only child in the house after giving it some thought. Either way, her reaction was adorable and funny.

Love had requested full custody of their children when she filed for a divorce.



Four months after welcoming Epik, Love filed for divorce from her husband of four years. In November 2019, she shared that she would be filing for a divorce after the rapper left her with their baby daughter stranded in Las Vegas.

Ray J has denied doing such a thing. Two months later, he claimed that he and his wife had worked things out and were doing okay.


The couple ended up getting closer to one another as they co-parented their children during the quarantine. In an interview with US Weekly, Ray J could not stop gushing about what a great mom his wife is. He said

"She's been a great mom and I can't even match that because of the hard work she puts in every day..."



Back in July, Page Six reported that the couple was ready to give their marriage a second shot. According to the outlet, they had officially reconciled and were living together again. 

Love had requested full custody of their children when she filed for a divorce. She even moved out of their place after the Las Vegas incident.