Three Funny Jokes about Parrots

Busayo Ogunjimi
Aug 31, 2020
10:00 P.M.
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Parrots are known to be intelligent animals and are mostly owned as pets for their companionship. Here are three jokes involving humans and these interesting birds.


A man walked into a pet shop with the intent of buying a parrot. The shop owner then pointed out three identical parrots.

The shop owner pointed to the parrot on the left and noted that it costs $500. The man asked why it was so expensive.

A parrot on person's hand. | Photo: Pexels


The owner replied and explained that the parrot knows how to use a computer. The man then asked about the next parrot on the perch.

The owner explained that the second parrot costs $1000 because it knows how to use the online operating system in addition to everything the first parrot can do.

Photo of two parrots | Photo: Freepik


By now, the man was even more surprised, but he went on to ask about the third parrot, which the shop owner explained cost $2,000.

Once again, the man asked what made the parrot special and why it was that expensive. The owner then replied:

"To be honest, I've never seen him do a thing, but the other two call him boss!"

Photo of a man with two parrots | Photo: Getty Images


Enjoyed that joke? Here's another good one about a man who went to a bar with his pet parrot. They got to the bar around 5 pm and started drinking, watching TV, and eating peanuts. Later on, they started having mixed drinks and took turns taking playing shooters.

Eventually, the bartender yelled that they were in the last round of shooting, and the man signified that he and the parrot were interested in one previous game.

Photo of a barman mixing drinks in a bar | Photo:


The bartender then sets them up, and they started shooting. Suddenly, the parrot fell and passed out. After the parrot passed out, the man threw some money on the bar and proceeded to leave.

Seeing that he was leaving, the bartender yelled and told the man he could not just leave his pet lying in the bar. The man replied:

"That's not a lion, that's a parrot."

Photo of a bartender making a drink | Photo:


Here's a final joke about a man who broke into a house and a parrot who was in the place when the burglar arrived. With his flashlight shining bright on the floor in the dark, the burglar heard a voice that said Jesus is watching him.

Confused and surprised, he looked around to check where the voice came from. He, however, didn't find anything and continued searching for valuables.

Photo of a parrot | Photo: Getty Images


Soon he heard the voice again, and this time, he shined the flashlight all over until it rested on a parrot. The burglar then asked if he was the one that spoke.

The parrot admitted that he spoke while adding that he was just trying to warn him. The burglar was a tad confused and went on to ask the parrot for his name. He replied and said his name was Moses.

A parrot ontop of its cage at night | Photo: Shutterstock.

The burglar wondered why the parrot had a name like that and asked what kind of people named him Moses. The bird then answered and said: "Well, I don't know. I guess the same folks who would name a Rottweiler Jesus."

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