October 05, 2020

WWE Star Charlotte Flair Is Back on the Road to WrestleMania Following Breast Surgery — Meet Her

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WWE star Charlotte Flair is gearing up for her return to WrestleMania after a successful breast implant surgery. The star wrestler has been away since June 7 due to issues with her breast implant.

Iconic female wrestler Charlotte Flair hopes to make a powerful comeback after a successful breast implant surgery that kept her away from the game for months.

The daughter of legendary WWE star Ric Flair gave fans a positive update about her return to WrestleMania via a new social media post.

WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair at 2019 VidCon at Anaheim Convention Center on July 11, 2019 | Photo: Getty Images



Over the weekend, the star took to her Instagram story to share a photo of herself at the gym for the first time in 8 weeks. The 34-year-old looked stunning in the mirror selfie as she showed off her toned midriff in white leggings paired with a tie and dye tank top.

She raised the top to show her fit body and rocked a baseball cap to cover her face while a mask hung underneath her chin. The alluring post was captioned:

"I took 8 weeks off of the gym… ready to find my groove again."


Charlotte has been away since June 7 after her last fight at "NXT TakeOver: In Your House," which saw her lose to Lo Shirai and Rhea Ripley in a triple threat match. After the defeat, the wrestling star announced that she was taking a break due to her ruptured breast implants. 

Before Charlotte became the most decorated women's champion in WWE history, she wanted nothing to do with the sport.


While no set date has been announced for the decorated wrestler's return to the ring, her iconic father hinted that her break might last for up to a year.


During an appearance on "The Wrestling Inc. Daily Podcast," the 71-year-old legend explained that Charlotte's doctors and physicians have advised her not to rush the process.


The doting father noted that with the impressive stunts his daughter performs on the ring, she needs to be a hundred percent fit before returning. If not, she would have to start the healing process all over.

He hinted that she might have to be gone for up to a year to recover fully. Nevertheless, Ric is confident that his daughter would return stronger and better to challenge her colleagues.

A screenshot of Charlotte Flair's post on her instagram story | Photo: instagram.com/charlottewwe/



Before Charlotte became the most decorated women's champion in WWE history, she wanted nothing to do with the sport. But that soon changed when she discovered her brother was abusing drugs.

Charlotte, an established college volleyball player, began training to be a professional wrestler hoping that she and Reid would fight together. She explained in an interview:

"...He was having a hard time, so I said okay, if I go down to our training facility in Orlando, maybe he'll get on the right path, and I can help him, and we can do it together."



Unfortunately, her dreams didn't come true as Reid passed away from an overdose in March 2013 at 25. His tragic demise pushed Charlotte to dedicate her entire being to wrestling. 


The North Carolina native did dedicate herself to the sport and has become one of the greatest female wrestlers of all time. Charlotte first gained prominence in May 2014 when she competed at the NXT TakeOver eight-woman tournament and knocked out Natalya to become the new NXT Women's Champion.

She brought a new definition to the Women's division and soon made her debut on Raw, bringing with her an intense dynamic to women's wrestling.



She became the first rookie to win the Divas Title and the first athlete ever to win the Raw Women's Championship. Charlotte also broke the record and became the first woman to have a main event as a pay-per-view event.

In 2017, the queen, as she is fondly called, bagged the SmackDown Women's Title and became the first woman in WWE to main event in a singles match in SmackDown LIVE, pay-per-view, and Raw. She is the most decorated female wrestler and hopes to defend that for a long time.