October 03, 2020

Daily Joke: A Couple Headed to the Local Shoe Repair Shop

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A couple found an old ticket from a local shoe repair shop. The man then went to the store with the ticket but found out the shoes were not ready even after a decade.

A man named Arnold and his wife were cleaning their attic when he found a ticket from the local shoe repair shop.

The date on the ticket showed that it was from over 11 years ago. The couple laughed about this and tried to remember which one of them forgot to pick up a pair of shoes back then.

A photo of a shoe store. | Photo: Flickr


Arnold then asked his wife if she thought the shoes would still be in the shop. She replied, saying it is very unlikely. However, Arnold thought it was worth trying and ended up driving to the store to find out if the shoes were still there.

On getting there, Arnold met a man behind the counter whom he handed the ticket to. The man then excused himself to go into a dark corner in the shop, where he searched for the shoes.

An elderly couple sit outside and enjoy a drink at a local bar | Photo: Getty Images


Two minutes later, the man called out from where he was and signified that he found Arnold's shoes. Arnold was excited and thought it was great for them to still be in the store after such a long time.

On coming out from the back of the store, the man came empty-handed and calmly said: "They'll be ready Thursday." 

Elderly couple look in the window of a haberdashery shop | Photo : Getty Images


Enjoyed that joke? Here's another one about five men who went for a drink in a bar. On getting there, one of the men told the bartender he would pay for a round of drinks for himself and his friends.

The bartender got the drinks ready and served the men who raised their glasses for a toast, saying, "To 51 days." The first man then asked the bartender to serve them another round of drinks.

A bartender in apron, holding beer while standing near the bar counter in pub. | Photo: Shutterstock.


Once again, they raised their glasses and made a toast to 51 days. After ordering the third round, the bartender asked what the men were toasting to, and the man said: "We just finished a jigsaw puzzle. On the box, it said, "two to four years," and we finished it in 51 days."

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Source: Startsat60