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October 28, 2020

Here's How Much Weight 'The Talk' Co-host Sharon Osbourne Says She Gained during Quarantine

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Reality star and talk show host Sharon Osbourne recently opened up about her struggle with weight gain after months in quarantine and shared what she has been doing to get back on track.

Being in quarantine for so long truly has come with weight gain for many people, including talk show host Sharon Osbourne. In a recent episode of "The Talk," she candidly talked about how much weight she had gained in the last couple of months. She revealed:

"I'm like 10 pounds over from what I usually am, and 10 pounds is a lot when you're like five-foot-one and a smidge."

Sharon Osbourne, the co-host of the CBS series, "The Talk" on March 05, 2020 | Photo: Getty Images


Dressed up in her casual yet classy outfit of a suit jacket over a graphic t-shirt, the red-haired reality star looked as stunning as always.

After sharing her own experience with gaining a little quarantine chub, Osbourne then told her co-hosts what she was doing to get back to her former numbers. She revealed that she started walking the day before the episode.


The talk show host was filled with excitement and enthusiasm as she gushed all about her new hobby. Walking was "it" for her now; she had caught the "bug" and was totally on it.

Osbourne's candid weight gain confession came while they were discussing Gayle King's recent Instagram post. King admitted that she was going through a weight gain crisis thanks to "corona quarantine and Halloween candy corns."

Fitness Guru Amanda Kloots, who was brought on to the episode of the show as a guest co-host, had some great advice for the ladies regarding their fitness


After Osbourne shared her weight gain chronicle, her fellow "The Talk" co-host, Sheryl Underwood, shared her own quarantine weight story. However, for Underwood, things were a lot different.

According to her, she had lost 20 pounds, dropping from 215 pounds to 195. Her goal is 185, which was her weight when she started co-hosting.


Fitness Guru Amanda Kloots, who was brought on to the episode of the show as a guest co-host, had some great advice for the ladies regarding their fitness. 

Kloots advised them to never postpone when it came to fitness and spare even the smallest chunks of time, like 10 minutes, to get some exercise done.


Osbourne and her co-host all agreed with the health wisdom that Kloots shared, adding their two cents about the struggles to keep fit.

Osbourne, who recently returned to her signature red hair after giving white a try, also had cause to celebrate her daughter Kelly's fitness milestone in September. 

The show host's 36-year-old daughter reportedly lost 85 pounds, and there was no one more excited for her than her sweet mom. 

Regardless of whether these strong and stunning women decide to keep their quarantine chubs or not, one thing that remains certain is their undeniable beauty.