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Cameran Eubanks Met Her Husband on a Blind Date — inside the 'Southern Charm' Star's Marriage

Manuela Cardiga
Nov 22, 2020
07:10 A.M.
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"Southern Charm's" Cameran Eubanks met her husband, a Charleston doctor on a blind date, and they have now been married for six years.


Reality star Cameran Eubanks met her husband Jason Wimberly on a blind date, and they have now been married for six years and share an adorable little daughter.

The handsome Jason likes to keep a low-profile, and rarely pops up on his wife's Instagram account, which makes fans even more curious about him. Who is the dashing doctor who won Cameran's heart?

"Southern Charm" reality star Cameran Eubanks on "Watch What Happens Live" in 2016 | Source: Getty Images



The "Southern Charm" star met her future husband on a blind date, and her first impression of him was not brilliant. Halfway through the first date she was deciding a first date was out of the question.

But Jason found the key to Cameran's heart which happened to be tickets to a Prince concert. When he called for the second date — to a Prince concert — she couldn't say no, and by the end of the evening, she knew he was the one.



Cameran and Jason were married in a beautiful ceremony in a historic plantation outside of Charleston. It was pure magical southern charm, but the cameras were not in attendance.

From the word go, Cameran put her private life out of reach of the "Southern Charm" purview. She was determined to safeguard her marriage and her husband's privacy. 

Wash denied the affair and stated that she hadn't even met Jason or Cameran


When Cameran and Jason met, she had been working as a real estate agent, but in early 2014 she was approached by Bravo to integrate the cast of their new show, "Southern Charm."

Jason encouraged her to accept and she did. The first season started shortly before their wedding and became a huge hit for Bravo, as for Cameran, she became an instantly recognized star.



But being married to a reality star gives the media automatic access, and the press dug up an arrest for DUI, and now allegations have surfaced that Jason has been having an affair.

Online publication "All About The Tea"  accused Jason of having a two-year affair with Charleston makeup artist Rebecca Leigh Wash. According to the allegations, the two had traveled together and Jason had been introduced to Wash's family.



Wash denied the affair and stated that she hadn't even met Jason or Cameran, but the story took on a life of its own, and it was rumored that "Southern Charm" star Kathryn Dennis would be spilling the tea on camera during the show.

According to some sources, Kathryn may even have been the one to start the rumors about the affair in order to spice up her own plotline in "Southern Charm."


In May 2020, Cameran left fans heartbroken when she announced that she would be leaving the reality show, to concentrate on raising their little daughter Palmer. She said:

"My decision was made and given to Bravo months ago and had absolutely nothing to do with ridiculous and fake rumors about my marriage."



Cameran and Jason welcomed Palmer Corrine Wimberly in November 2017, and even though her dad longs to give her a sibling, mom is determined that she will be a single child. Cameran said:

"Everyone says like, 'Oh well don't you want to give her a sibling?' And I'm like, 'I want to give her a sane mother.'" 

The family is completed by a 16-year-old pup named Elvis who is devoted to Jason. Elvis originally belonged to the family next door, but fell madly in love with Jason and moved in. 

When the Elvis' original family moved away, they decided they couldn't break their pup's heart, or Jason, and left him with the Wimberley family. Now out of reality TV, Cameran is concentrating on her family, and her work, and moving on from the rumors that threatened her happiness.