December 01, 2020

Gabrielle Union's Daughter Kaavia James Throws Shade with the Cutest Frown in a Lemon-Print Outfit

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Little Kaavia James Union looked adorable sporting her signature shady baby look as she was photographed chilling at home and rocking a fashionable outfit.

Gabrielle Union's young daughter Kaavia James was all up in her feelings in a recent post on her Instagram page as she made faces for "paparazzi." 

Kaavia rocked a cool two-piece outfit while she channeled the little fashionista in her. However, it seems she was not in the mood for all the fuss as she was seen wearing a hilarious frown.

Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade and Kaavia James attend Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports 2019 at Barker Hangar on July 11, 2019. | Photo: Getty Images


Just like the photo's location indicated, Kaavia was minding her business in her lemon-print T-shirt and pants. Her feet were clad in kiddie sneakers while her well-grimes curls fanned her temple. 

The little girl seemed not to be aware of the snapshots as she sported an adult-like brooding look, furrowed brows, and an intense gaze. The caption was written in a humorous tone:

"Fun fact, I'm not really super into this program, I just want you to stop talking to me. Happy Sunday! Now, let's play the quiet game!..."


Many fans enjoyed viewing Kaavia's post as they filled the comment section with their hilarious thoughts and gushed over how many memes Kaavia's look could generate. 

It is safe to say that the two-year-old Kaavia is the princess of memes. Early this year, her mom mapped out several pictures showing her reactions and likening them to different moods associated with the year 2020.

Union had wanted lovely mother-daughter moments, but Kaavia only wanted to play with her mom's phone.  


Little Kaavia was born in 2018 after her parents opted for surrogacy following years of dealing with infertility issues. While she is Union's first child, she is the fourth for NBA alum Dwyane Wade, whose other kids are Zaire, Xavier, and Zaya. 

Kaavia is just a few years old, but in such a short time, she has made a sweet but lasting impression on many admirers who absolutely relate to her personality and facial expressions. 


Once talking about her daughter, the star mommy made it known that her beloved daughter looked so much like her dad but got the attitude from her. Union, a Hollywood star, added a poetic tone as she described Kaavia's personality.

During one of the baby girl's not-in-the-mood moments, Union had wanted lovely mother-daughter moments, but Kaavia only wanted to play with her mom's phone. 


While Kaavia cried and threw tantrums, her mom jokingly let fans know her interest in phones was becoming alarming. However, the star mom refused to give in as she smiled through it and gently told Kaavia she could not have the phone. 

Little Kaavia might not have loved the fact that she could not have the phone at that moment, but she would later find out her mom always wants the best for her. This is so because Union never holds back on showing her affection.