January 02, 2021

Woman Splits Child Support and Gifts between All 3 of Her Children

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A woman who split her child support from her ex-husband between all three of her children, of which one was conceived by a sperm donor, wants to know if she is wrong for her gesture.

The woman in question took to Reddit to tell her story. She explained that when she and her ex-husband began trying to have a child, he was diagnosed as sterile. As a result, they chose to use donor sperm to have a child.

Years later, he had to undergo surgery for a testicular injury, and it turned out his sterility was a misdiagnosis. Instead, he has a form of obstructive azoospermia, and the surgery fixed the problem.

A photo of a single mother with three children. | Photo: Shutterstock


They ended up having two biological children before their split. He has since remained and has kids with his new wife. After their biological children came, the poster wrote that her ex-husband began acting strangely towards their first child.

She described the sudden change as a light switch. Her ex-husband’s family changed towards their older child, surprising her as she believed they were open and accepting.


They began favoring the biological child, and so did he. For the sake of their first child, the poster decided to divorce him as it was getting serious and becoming potentially dangerous.

She got primary custody of their three children, and her ex-husband rarely takes their oldest because they are not his real kid. She has tried so hard to change this but has failed several times.


The divorce proceedings gave her the privilege of child support, and she has been able to split it into a savings account for all her three children. She shared it equally among all three of them, with the two younger ones having the same amount.

However, the older one had a larger amount because there was less time to save. She gets angry when her ex-husband sends gifts only for his two biological children, excluding the older one.


She makes sure to split whatever is sent and divides it by three as she can’t stand the bias. The poster believes all her three children are hers, and the same goes for her ex-husband as he agreed to have the oldest by donor sperm.

Hence, he is legally the father. She also disagrees that the oldest be treated like trash because the biological children came to be. However, her ex-husband’s family and hers disagree with her and feel she is wrong for splitting the gifts and child support.


They told her that she should have expected that to happen once the biological kids arrived because people value biology over anything else. They also told her that she couldn't relate to her husband's attitude because all the kids are hers biologically.

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