January 17, 2021

Young Woman Refuses to Take Care of Her Half-Sister — Their Family Issues Run Deeper

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Parenting is a big responsibility, and it's challenging even under the best circumstances. But what happens when taking on motherhood of a half-sibling is not exactly a choice and more a family demand.

Family dynamics weigh heavily on the 21-year-old college student, Laura. The situation built up since she was 4 when her mother left her at a public park. 

Now, Laura is torn between loyalty and doing what is right for her because the situation is anything but straight-forward from her perspective. Understandable, given her experience of life so far.

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Laura and her big brother, Marcus, were raised by their grandparents after their mom abandoned them. She left Marcus, who was 7 at the time, in a department store, and Laura at the park and vanished.

The pair were well taken care of by their grandparents, but ten years down the line, dynamics changed when Laura and Marcus' mother came back into their lives, apologizing to their grandfather for all she's done.

Brother looking after his sister while they explore the outdoors. | Source: Pixabay.


However, it turned out that mom Alice had another daughter, 5-year-old Tracy. Not long after being welcomed back into the family, mostly just by grandpa, Alice left again, leaving Tracy behind.


Marcus and Laura ended up taking care of Tracy, who became rather rebellious and troublesome. While Tracy's response is understandable, it also put her two half-siblings in a position not meant for them.

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Years went by before Alice showed up again. Leaving and returning several times, often with money on her way out. It made life so much more difficult for those she left behind. 


Laura has the opportunity to break that cycle, but she feels torn. Child welfare stepped in. Laura's grandparents are at 91 and 88, unable to take care of Tracy, and Marcus and Laura moved out.

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Marcus got asked to take Tracy in, but he refused. Laura wants to do the same, but the is family pressuring her to be a good sister. Any resistance they meet with contempt, making Laura feel guilty.

What would you do in Laura's shoes? 

Blended families can be tricky to navigate, but another father doesn't want to give his stepson the same leeway Laura's grandfather gave her mother.

When he discovered that his half sister's stepson bullied his 10-year-old son, the man left his half sister's wedding without hesitation, even though it upset her a great deal.