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Woman Confronts Co-worker about Persistent Comments about Her Age

Lois Oladejo
Jan 15, 2021
03:50 P.M.
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A woman called out her co-worker for always making weird comments about her age. However, she was hit with guilt after realizing she could have used a different approach.


Working in a toxic work environment is never fun, especially if you have to constantly remind your co-workers that contrary to what they might believe, you are, in fact, not a child.

Sarah, 46, had worked as a stay at home mom for nearly two decades when she decided to go back to college. She enrolled, graduated from college, and proceeded to law school.

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After fulfilling her educational dreams, Sarah started applying for jobs, a phase she found rather daunting. Day in and day out, applications were sent out, but she never got responses, and even when they did reply, it was to say:

"We won't be going further with you at this point."

What a relief it was when Sarah was finally called back at a law firm. All giddy and excited, she nervously went for the interview, hoping and praying that it would be the one.

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A few days after the interview, Sarah received news that she got the job. And the pay? Let's just say she was about to start living her best life. Then Joan happened.

Sarah began at her new workplace, carrying out assigned tasks, thoroughly enjoying her job, and getting along with her bosses and co-workers — except Joan.

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While the two women never really had issues or conflicts, one thing that characterized their relationship as co-workers was Joan constantly referring to Sarah as a baby.

Over time, Sarah put up with condescending comments from Joan about how she was only a child who was too young to understand things in the office.

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In essence, this 46-year-old woman had to constantly put up with being treated as a child at a job she is well qualified for. Joan is 58 years old, meaning there is only a twelve-year age gap between her and Sarah.

Left with no other option, Sarah eventually confronted Joan about her remarks, telling her that she would make a report to HR if the comments did not stop.

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During the row, Joan explained that she saw Sarah as her daughter and was only looking out for her. Sarah quickly told her off, saying she did not need to be protected.

Following the confrontation, Joan left work, with many of their co-workers stating that she was crying and very upset when she left the office. This left Sarah wondering if her approach was a bit rude.

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Though their co-workers thought it was justified, a sense of guilt plagued her. Was she too harsh? Could she have been nicer? Should she feel guilty? We'll let you be the judge of that.

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