January 18, 2021

Martin Lawrence's Daughter Jasmin Looks Unforgettable Enjoying Her B-Day Party in a Mini Dress

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American actor Martin Lawrence's daughter, Jasmin Page, looked stunning as she rocked a sparkling mini dress during her 25th birthday party. The lovely photos from the bash were posted on Instagram. 

Jasmin Page just turned 25, and she has never looked any better. A day after the celebration, the gorgeous daughter of the renowned actor and comedian Martin Lawrence shared a series of photos and videos. 

In the shots posted on her Instagram feed, the birthday girl showed off her impeccable sense of style as she rocked a stunning thin-strapped mini dress that sparkled against the light. 

Martin Lawrence and his daughter Jasmin Page at the grand opening of Roberta Moradfar's Efface Aesthetics at Efface By Roberta on December 12, 2019. | Photo: Getty Images


She paired it with black spiky boots, simple dangling hoop earrings, and beautiful makeup. Her luscious dark hair was also parted to the side and cascaded down her back in glorious waves. 

The photos were taken in an exquisite penthouse, and it showed Jasmin having a swell time on her special day. In the first slide, she was seen posing beside a giant birthday balloon with a huge smile on her face. 


The second was a great view of another birthday balloon, while another slide showed her sitting at the dining table with a tall colorful cake in front of her. While friends and family sang and recorded the moment, she laughed and took in the scene. 

Along with the photos and videos was also a view of her colorful birthday card. The post was then followed by a short but heartfelt message of gratitude for all the love from those who made her day special. 

The star added that having daughters taught him so much, and he was forever grateful for the laughs.


Though the first child of Martin, it goes without notice that Jasmin is not his only daughter. The actor also has two other beautiful girls, Iyanna Faith and Amara Trinity, born in 2000 and 2002, respectively. 

Though not much is known about both girls since they have kept their lives out of the limelight, they occasionally pop on Jasmin or their father's Instagram feed. They also make public appearances with him at several events.


Jasmin never fails to give Martin this honor as she has also accompanied him to many events over the years. An example was when she followed him to the Bounce Trumpet Awards in 2019 along with his girlfriend, Roberta Moradfar. 

It is clear that the actor and his girls share an unbreakable bond as he never fails to gush about them every chance he gets. During National Daughter's Day, he shared a sweet photo of them and revealed that they were his world


In the heartfelt post, the star also added that having daughters taught him so much, and he was forever grateful for the laughs, the unconditional love, and the bond they would always have.

Besides being an amazing father, Martin has also made an unforgettable name for himself in the Hollywood movie industry over the years. Coupling his remarkable acting with his fantastic parenting skills, it is safe to call him a well-rounded man.