Reuben Selby Is Maisie Williams' Handsome Boyfriend — Who Is the GOT Star's Significant Other?

Maisie Williams and Reuben Selby have been linked to each other for a couple of years. The couple has stayed together, and their coordinated sense of style is an indication of their enviable romance.

Reuben Selby, 23, is an English model and fashion designer who has risen to worldwide fame as the boyfriend of actress Maisie Williams, 23, who played Arya Stark throughout the hit series "Game of Thrones."

The couple is known for sporting coordinated outfits at events and on the red carpets. So, during the isolation enforced by quarantine, the young designer decided to launch his own clothing brand since he had no excuse, thanks to the pandemic.

Maisie Williams at the premiere of "Game of Thrones" in New York City in April 2019. | Image: Getty Images.

Maisie Williams at the premiere of "Game of Thrones" in New York City in April 2019. | Image: Getty Images.

For the launch of his collection, Selby had the collaboration of his famous girlfriend, Maisie Williams. The actress modeled with him at a rural site during the period of isolation imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Selby is the founder and creative director, which only proves that he is a man of many abilities and talents. Williams said that her boyfriend is incredibly talented and that he always talked about the businesses he would have.


The GOT star's boyfriend describes himself as a huge introvert, the young son of a strictly Catholic couple with three older brothers who grew up in a working-class town somewhere in the UK.

He is a young businessman who, in addition to being a model, is also a photographer and has a modeling agency called Contact. Selby recently became a designer, and his style has been defined as modern, clean, and redefining masculinity.


The couple met when Selby started working for Williams. He was in charge of launching an app for the young actress, the Daisy app. Williams is the owner, while her boyfriend is the creative director.

Although they met in 2018, at the time, Williams had a boyfriend, Ollie Jackson, who she broke up with in the middle of that year. In early 2019, she and Selby appeared together for the first time on the red carpet holding hands.


The couple is known for their coordinated outfits. It is their personal brand, not only because they coordinate the colors, but because they have created a concept that allows them to be comfortable and subsequently reflect their true personalities.

Their presence on social media and at fashion events is also notorious. Both support each other's careers and strive to collaborate on the other's projects, even when they have to be far from each other.


In October 2020, Selby launched his first collection with the collaboration of his girlfriend Williams. The collection's title is (In) visible Barriers, and it was displayed in the gardens of the Ritz in Paris, France.

It is a collection of modern clothing, with a renewed spirit and soft pastel colors. The young designer is also committed to making his business green and sustainable, as well as genderless. 


For Williams, growing up in front of the camera has not been easy. She started filming "GOT" at age 14, and for each season, she spent months each year playing Arya such that it became difficult for her to disengage from the role.

Williams also did not feel comfortable in her own skin. Shyness, insecurity, and depression made her feel bad about her body. The actress admitted being affected by hateful comments on social media and said she hadn't learned to detach from them. 


But her boyfriend has made her his muse, his source of inspiration, and she has become comfortable with what he has designed especially for her. For an Emmy Awards, Selby designed her a fabulous dress, which expressed all that she is.

The black asymmetrical cut sleeveless design was ideal for the actress's petite figure, only 5'' tall. She asked him if she could do something that took into account her height, taste, and insecurities, and the result was spectacular.

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