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February 04, 2021

Cynthia Rowley Is 62 and 'Bachelor' Star Kit Keenan's Mom — Meet the Famous Fashion Designer

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One of "The Bachelor'" Season 25´s current favorite contestants Kit Keenan is the daughter of famous New York fashion designer and socialite Cynthia Rowley.

Among the contestants vying for real estate broker Matt James' attention in Season 25 of the hit reality show "The Bachelor" is 21-year-old social media influencer and budding fashionista Kit Keenan.

Keenan’s presence in the reality show has put a spotlight on her family, and if fans find her mother Cynthia Rowley hauntingly familiar, there's a good reason for it. Rowley is a prominent fashion designer, who shows her creations every year in New York Fashion Week.


Cynthia Rowley and Kit Keenan at the screening of "Fun Mom Dinner" in 2017 in New York City | Source: Getty Images


Keenan was labeled the "socialite" on "The Bachelor," and she admits that she has lived a life of privilege, with plenty of glamour, in the greater part due to her famous mom and her interior designer dad Bill Keenan.


But Keenan has revealed that fashion shows and cocktail parties aren't her whole life, she also learned from her mother that success comes from sheer hard work and commitment to uncompromising quality.



Keenan is taking Rowley as a role model and has already started her own business. At 23, Rowley, a School of the Art Institute of Chicago graduate, moved to New York and kicked off her fashion career with a $3,000 gift from one of her grandmothers.

Rowley's signature mix of vibrant colors and bold prints was a success, and today the designer's collections include women's wear, accessories, cosmetics, perfume, swimwear, home decor, and children's wear.

Rowley frequently shares photos on Instagram of herself and her handsome husband.



In her 20s, Rowley, already a successful designer struck up a friendship with fashion photographer Tom Sullivan, and years later the two realized they were in love. Within six months they married and looked forward to spending their lives together.

It was not to be. In 1994, after five years of marriage Sullivan died of brain cancer. He was only 32, and what Rowley has described as a "When Harry Met Sally" real-life romance ended in devastating loss and heartbreak.



A year after the death of Tom Sullivan, Rowley met William Keenan, a sculptor and interior designer from Brooklyn at a dinner party. The two stuck up a conversation, and a whirlwind romance followed and Keenan and Rowley married within a year.

Three years later, in 1999, the couple welcomed their only child together, Kit. Sadly the marriage didn't last and Keenan and Rowley separated and divorced when their daughter Kit was still a child.



But despite her divorce, Rowley didn't give up on love. In September 2005 the designer took a chance on love again and married art dealer and author William Powers. The same year Rowley, 47, and Powers welcomed their daughter, Gigi.

Rowley frequently shares photos on Instagram of herself and her handsome husband and her two beautiful look-alike daughters. Rowley's determination and can-do attitude have made her a winner in love and in business.



Keenan, who owes her delicate refined beauty to Rowley, also seems to have inherited her passion for fashion and her business acumen. She is studying business and fashion at New York University and started her own fashion line.

She expressed disappointment at the way her accomplishments, which include producing and editing a biweekly podcast with Rowley, "‎Ageless," were downplayed on "The Bachelor," and made out to be a dilettante.

Rowley is clearly proud of her beautiful accomplished older daughter and she seems to be mom's favorite model. Keenan may also turn out to be Matt James's favorite, but we will have to see if she charms him into giving her the rose...