February 12, 2021

Dad Argues with Kids after Forbidding Them from Wearing PJs around the House

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Parenting can be tricky, especially when your child becomes a teenager and starts to question the rules. The following home situation will make you question whether some parenting boundaries have been crossed or not.

Miguel and his wife Christina are doting parents to a son and daughter. Their daughter, Nora, is currently in junior high school, while their son, Lester, is in fifth grade.

The online classes have brought challenges to the family. Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many classes have been moved online so that children can be protected from the virus.

A stressed man sitting in the couch. | Photo: Pixabay



While this is a good safety measure enforced in many countries, this setup has created tension in households. Miguel and Christina's family has had to contend with hard adjustments.

At the outset of the new learning arrangement, Miguel created rules to put some order in the house and ensure the new setup will work. He told his children:

"For this new learning setup to work, your mom and I believe it is important to have some rules."

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Miguel said the number one rule is never to wear pajamas around the house. He explained that PJs should only be worn in bed and that one should change into something else when going into shared spaces in their home.

Miguel was left wondering if the new house rule was truly unfair.

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He said that wearing PJs will make them sleepy or demotivated to study. He added that he would also never wear PJs when he starts to work. Like many employees, Miguel is also working from home.

Lester said he was okay with the rule. Nora nodded and shrugged. But the next day, Nora came down to the breakfast table wearing her PJs. Miguel immediately reminded her of the rule but she replied:

"Come on, Dad. I'm not comfortable wearing any other clothes for breakfast."

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Miguel told her she could wear sweatpants if she chooses, but not PJs as they have agreed on the rule the previous night. But Nora said the rule was unfair and then stormed off to her bedroom.

Miguel was left wondering if the new house rule was truly unfair. But his wife assured him it was a reasonable rule and added that Nora would soon understand it.

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Nora refused to come out of her room the whole morning. Christina had to bring breakfast to her daughter's room. She talked to the teenager, saying her dad only wanted the best for Nora and Lester.

In the end, Nora said sorry and promised to obey the rule. In your opinion, was the house rule fair? Let us know in the comments. Meanwhile, check out this other family drama.