February 19, 2021

TMZ: Alicia Keys Receives a Lavish and Colorful Lego-Themed Link Chain from Swizz Beatz

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The love between one of the industry's power couples has always been glaring, and it does not seem to have an expiry date as long as producer Swizz Beatz is concerned. 

Swizz Beatz recently gifted his wife Alicia Keys a lavish, colorful Lego-themed link chain for her birthday. Apart from compromising, one of the best recipes for a successful love relationship is to harness the culture of giving.

Award-winning singer and songwriter Keys has attained the same success in her marriage as she has in her career, and here is why.

Alicia Keys and husband Swizz Beatz attend the 2019 Annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. | Photo: Getty Images


Keys and her music executive husband and business tycoon Swizz Beatz have consistently shown fans that fairytale love exists, especially in the entertainment industry.

Keys recently turned 40, and Beatz honored her by presenting her with a luxury item—a piece of jewelry enriched with precious stones. Fans of the singer are well aware of her pure love for LEGO building.

From her constant play with LEGO to donning a custom-made LEGO top for her 2013 tour, the 40-year-old continuously flaunts her love for it.


Her husband thoughtfully tapped into his wife's obsession for the birthday celebration. He reached out to jeweler Elliott Eliantte to customize a LEGO-themed chain embellished with pieces of precious rocks. 

According to the jewelry seller, Beatz wanted something unique and an out-of-the-world piece. So he opted for the LEGO-themed chain that gathered around 65 carats of diamond and sapphires to surprise the birthday girl.

Keys' husband gave her the keys to a new business—her tea line called Alicia Teas.


Although no LEGO bricks were used to construct the invaluable gift, following the intel from sources, it was a very expensive gift that was purchased with over six figures.

Last year, fans would recall that the business mogul gave his lover a jaw-dropping gift. This did not involve LEGOs, but the birthday treat found its way to the media due to its glamorous and peculiar nature.


Keys' husband gave her the keys to a new business—her tea line called Alicia Teas. The singer went public with her appreciation for him and commended his thoughtfulness.

While lovers of the couple are blessed with doses of their perfect love affair, the 40-year-old who shares two children with her husband admitted that parenthood is a different ball game.


Speaking to Vogue, she explained that the past few months following the pandemic has been a bit challenging, especially for young Black men. Still, she emphasized that it is essential to teach them confidence and self-love.

Apart from family vibes, the award-winning singer has reflected her stylishness in fashion over the years. A few days ago, she dazzled her fans ahead of her Sunday night Super Bowl performance.

The mother of two posed in a rhinestone-encrusted bra with high waist leather pants, and black shoes that looked incredibly paired with her diamond and gold jewelry pieces.

Without a doubt, Keys is enjoying her days as a 40-year-old proud mother who has a musically inclined child, a lover with a fantastic partner, a flying music career, and a legion of fans!