Man Kicks Mom Out after She Screamed at His Wife — Here's What Happened

Cathrine Mabvudza
Feb 24, 2021
10:30 A.M.

It's essential to establish boundaries when it comes to relationships between family members. Today's story of the day shows what can happen when one family member continuously oversteps the boundaries.


They say a mother never has a favorite child but growing up, everyone in David's house knew that he was his mom, Adele's favorite child. In a family of four children, Adele seemingly doted over David a little more than the others.

If you ask Adele, she might say she always knew that her relationship with David would come to a violent end once he got married. Hence, she never approved of any of his girlfriends and definitely didn't like his wife, Louise.

Angry woman dragging son while younger woman sits next to him. | Source: Shutterstock

Angry woman dragging son while younger woman sits next to him. | Source: Shutterstock

Adele watched from afar as David and Louise started their family. Although she disapproved of Louise, she accepted it because she had no choice. That was until the pandemic hit last year and forced Adele out of her job.


Within a few months, she had fallen behind on her house payments, and in October, she lost the house. Desperate, she looked to her children to take her in. While the rest of the kids gave excuses, her favorite son, David, opened his home to her.

Adele was thrilled to live with the couple who had just welcomed a baby boy, her first grandson. David and Louise didn't mind either since she could even help out with their son, Ethan.

During the first few weeks living together, things went smoothly and everyone seemed to get along, until one night, Adele pulled David to the side and whispered:

"That lazy woman needs a job. She's going to drain you of all your hard-earned money."


David explained that Louise didn't have a job because he'd asked her to quit her busy job so they could see each other more. Adele didn't believe it and continuously berated Louise, calling her a lazy golddigger.

Even with Adele's continuous insults, Louise felt it was important to try to get along with her mother-in-law, so she begged David not to get involved. She truly believed Adele would come around one day.

Elderly woman arguing with younger woman. | Source: Shutterstock

Elderly woman arguing with younger woman. | Source: Shutterstock


David and Louise were not prepared for the eruption that would take place a few weeks later. David had been stuck in online conference calls for two weeks and had barely spent any time with his son.

When he finally got three days off work, he told Louise she could rest while he spends time taking care of their son. Louise, exhausted from taking care of the house, the dogs, and a newborn, took him up on the offer.

However, this arrangement did not go over well with Adele. She couldn't believe that Louise would dare sleep in while David did all the work. She decided to confront Louise:

"You wake yourself up immediately. Lazy woman! You're just here to take advantage of my son. Get up now!"


At first, Louise was shocked that Adele would be so angry, but as she continued and became vicious, Louise started to cry. By the time David walked in, his wife was cowering in a corner, terrified of what Adele could do next.

David immediately came to his wife's defense and scolded his mother about her behavior, but she kept on yelling nasty things about Adele, and eventually, David couldn't take it anymore. He screamed:

"Mom, you are out of line. This is my house and you will not treat my wife this way. If you so much as look her direction again, I'm kicking you out."


Adele was appalled that her son would take his wife's side, but she retreated after realizing that David was serious. After she told David's siblings what happened, they all agreed that David was wrong.

Cherise, the oldest of David's siblings, called him to tell him he was too aggressive, but when he asked her to take Adele in instead, she responded:

"Never. I don't want her bothering me either."

Just a few days later, David caught Adele chastising Louise and accusing her of plotting against her. He was furious, and when she went out for a walk, he packed all her belongings into a suitcase and threw them out.

Despite Louise's pleas to forgive his mom, David insisted she had to go. David thinks his mom overstepped a boundary. Do you agree, or do you think he went too far? Click here to read more mother-son relationship drama.

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