February 28, 2021

Porsha Williams' Daughter Looks Cute in Bows & a Brown Dress as She Poses with Her Mom & Cousin

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Porsha Williams's daughter, Pilar Jhena McKinley, is heartstoppingly cute in a brown dress with two decorative bows as she poses with her mother and her cousin on social media.

"RHOA" starlet Porsha Williams just posted the sweetest picture on her Instagram feed with her daughter Pilar Jhena, nicknamed PJ. The mother and daughter seem to be having an autumn moment.

Williams has several orange, red, and yellow leaves tied around her head and her neck. PJ is wearing an adorable brown dress which matches the theme of the photos.

Porsha Williams at the "Rickey Smiley for Real" Season 4 Premiere in Atlanta, Georgia, 2017 | Source: Getty Images


A close-up of Pilar's outfit is available on her Instagram account (which is run by mom) and shows PJ sitting on the ground with her equally lovable cousin who matches her in a yellow ensemble.

Pilar has tasseled boots with mustard socks that complement her dress. The most prominent fixture is definitely the two silk bows atop her head. Williams wrote in her post:

"I’ll do anything to see you smile my angel."


As PJ's second birthday approaches next month, Williams is likely to get sentimental about how grown up her daughter is now. The tot is even starting school, as seen on mom's Instagram.

Williams shared several images earlier this year of PJ learning at home in a classroom. The little girl sat at a desk painting. Pilar wore a gray dress, white knee socks, and sneakers as a type of uniform in another picture.

Williams was hospitalized last year and rumors circulated that there was another baby on the way.


Williams' daughter with her then-fiancé, Dennis McKinley, was born in March 2019. Although Williams was thrilled at the prospect of bringing a child into the world, she was also nervous.

The television personality had gone through a miscarriage before and was apprehensive that it might happen again with Pilar. Luckily, PJ was born happy and healthy. Williams discussed her fears with People:

"I was excited [but] I had mixed feelings. The other feeling that I had besides excitement was fear."


Williams was hospitalized last year, and rumors circulated that there was another baby on the way. In November 2020, the actress became unexpectedly ill and had to see a doctor.

Family and friends supported Williams by sending her flowers and gifts once she had been discharged. Williams imparted that people should prioritize their health in a post to her followers on Instagram.

In one of the pictures Williams had shared, part of her stomach was exposed, causing several individuals to speculate whether she was pregnant. She vehemently denied these accusations.

Besides, it seems like Williams has her hands full with PJ, who is so savvy that she even has her own baby license and a mini toy Range Rover complete with leather seats.