March 01, 2021

Steve Harvey's Wife Shares Adorable Video of Their Grandkids Making Pizza & Eating Ingredients

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Media mogul Steve Harvey's wife Marjorie Harvey melts hearts while sharing a cute video of her grandchildren making pizza and eating some of the ingredients.

Talk show host Steve Harvey's wife Marjorie Harvey is fresh from her luxurious vacation and is back home spending some quality bonding time with her grandkids. 

The proud grandmother recently took to her Instagram page to share a cute video of her three grandkids getting their hands and mouths busy as they tried making pizza. 

Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie Harvey at the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on December 20, 2015 | Photo: Getty Images


In the video, Marjorie can be heard in the background talking to her grandson as he cutely eats some of the ingredients that were supposed to be used to make the pizza. 

The little prince completely stole the show, and even though he assured Marjorie he was making a pizza, there was no doubt about what was more important to him and his other little companions. Marjorie shared the video with the caption: "Pizza"


The video was recorded in the kitchen, and Marjorie's grandkids all seemed like they were having a great time as they showed off their pizza-making and eating skills.

Marjorie is known to be very fond of her grandkids, and she regularly dotes on them on her Instagram page. And this time, it was quite obvious that she was having a great time with her brood.


In January 2019, Marjorie's penchant for showing off her sweet relationship with her grandkids got her in some trouble with some fans after she shared a video of her granddaughters, Elle Monroe and Rose, breastfeeding their baby dolls.

Some fans immediately deemed the post as inappropriate and heavily criticized Marjorie for sharing it. However, most of Steve's fans rose to her defense and shut down the trolls. While sharing the video, the fashion enthusiast wrote in the caption:

"Rose and Elle breastfeeding dolls."


Meanwhile, Steve also shares a close bond with his grandchildren and has been very candid about his experience as a grandfather over the years.

Steve and Marjorie also do not spare any cost when it comes to spoiling their grandkids. Their social media pages are virtually littered with photos of them enjoying time with them on luxury vacations.

The couple is one of the most admired in Hollywood, and their closely-knit blended family featuring their lovely grandkids is more proof of their great abilities as parents.