March 05, 2021

Woman Delivers Baby with Husband's Help in Their Car's Front Seat on George Washington Bridge

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A New Jersey couple who were both COVID-19 positive never made it to the hospital in time and had to deliver their baby in the car with the FDNY Dispatcher's help.  

Jordan Harris Goldfarb was brought into the world in unexpected circumstances and faster than his parents thought. Allison and Blake Goldfarb didn't make it to the hospital in time and ended up pulling over to deliver their baby boy. 

Allison and Blake had recently moved to New Jersey and were on the way to Mt. Sinai in Manhattan to have their baby when their son had other plans. The baby was delivered in the front seat of the car that pulled off on George Washington Bridge. 


An ambulance with its' back doors open| Source: Pexels/ RODNAE Productions


With increased contractions and her water breaking, Allison knew that it was time to call in help even though they were still en route to the hospital. Receiving Dispatcher Janet Williams was the one to guide the couple through the process. 


Williams kept the couple calm and informed them that the EMTs were on the way whilst taking them through the necessary steps to deliver their bundle of joy safely. Allison shared about her birthing experience, saying

"The whole experience was very frightening, but I remember seeing flashing lights and hearing sirens and that’s when I knew that EMS was coming to find us."



All the while, both Allison and Blake were COVID-19 positive. The car birth eliminated the worry that the father wouldn't be present in the delivery room as he became the one to catch the newborn. 

A team of five first responders arrived at George Washington Bridge after the Goldfarbs' son was born and were able to assist in transporting the new mom and baby to the hospital safely. 



The quick delivery didn't allow EMTs to arrive before delivery because when Blake had pulled the over on the bridge, it wasn't long before the baby made his first appearance. Allison explained that the whole birth didn't last more than 29 minutes. 

Luckily there were no complications during the birth resulting in a completely healthy little boy joining the Goldfarbs and their other two children. The mom said

“He was completely healthy. We were so lucky and grateful that he was in the right position and the cord wasn’t wrapped (around him). "




Allison is not the only one who had such a scary and exhilarating birth, as she shares a similar experience with Rudia Napier. Napier and her husband, Michael Addison, and their three children, were part of their fourth's child car birth

The family was on the way to Henderson Hospital when the pregnant mom went into unexpected labor. The entire ordeal was captured by Napier's ten-year-old son, showing Napier screaming that her baby is coming out. 


The video became an internet sensation with almost 150,000 views with the sudden labor and their rush to the hospital, all captured by the 10-year-old who was in the backseat filming the car birth

 Nurses and doctors helped the laboring Napier as soon as they arrived at the hospital. As Addison and Napier are now a family of six, they have started a fundraiser to raise money for a bigger vehicle to fit them all.