Story of the Day: Woman Forbids Friend from Using Her Pool

Lois Oladejo
Mar 05, 2021
09:20 P.M.
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A woman who moves to a small village after suffering tragedy makes a friend who especially enjoys using her pool; however, when she oversteps, the woman bans her—what did she do?

A woman named Bridget lost her sister, brother-in-law, and father at the same time, leaving her no choice but to assume the role of guardian for her two nieces.

She moved into the house her father left her in his will, and the children quickly settled into school, making friends and such.

One particular woman named Natasha would always make sure Bridget and her wards were included in events, but something did not feel right with her. 

A older woman who is sad and crying. | Photo: Unsplash.


Natasha was a 45-year-old who would often tell Bridget how "lucky" she was to have such a great place to call home.

Of course, Bridget would mention that she only got it because she lost three family members at once, but Natasha would brush it off as her being overly sentimental.  

More than anything else, Natasha enjoyed organizing events at Bridget's pool; however, something was always odd about it. She would always act as the host of the event, making Bridget feel like a guest in her home. 

Sad woman standing beside the window. | Photo: Pexels


The two women had kids who share the same birthday, so they would often hold joint pool parties. Things went from bad to worse when Bridget's 35-year-old boyfriend Kelvin moved in. 

Bridget and Kelvin were those kinds of couples who started out as best friends. Her wards even consider him their favorite uncle. 

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Some months after he started living with Bridget and her kids, Natasha texts her, saying there were rumors Kelvin was having some sort of illicit affair with her oldest ward. 

Natasha stated that the man acted inappropriately towards her 16-year-old ward. A concerned Natasha questions her ward about her day, and when the girl realized there had been gossip, she cried and declared how much she hated the village. 

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According to the 16-year-old, Kelvin had given her a side hug and kissed her on top of her head. It made it feel like she had a dad, but the rumors had stripped the moment of its tenderness. 

Natasha texted her about what she had done about the situation, and Bridget asked her to forget about it. Of course, the 45-year-old remained obstinate, pointing out how young Bridget was to see how Kelvin was manipulating her. 

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Natasha suggested the man was grooming Bridget's ward, and she kept going on and on about it until the aggrieved guardian blocked her line and unfollowed her on social media. 

Bridget's other friends sent her screen grabs of Natasha's posts—the bitter woman had posted that Kelvin was a threat to kids while she was an enabler. 

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Bridget bumped into Natasha some days later, but the woman acted like she had not just put out damaging rumors about Bridget's family.

Natasha was more content to discuss plans for their children's annual birthday pool party. Bridget wasn't impressed; she stated that a pool party could not happen because of the deadly viral outbreak in the country. 

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Bridget also noted that it would be safer for everyone if the kids didn't have to be around a "threat to children and his enabler." Natasha acted innocent, so Bridget offered to show her screenshots of what she posted. 

Natasha talked about how her daughter was looking forward to the party, but Bridget told her she should have considered that before spreading such malicious rumors. 

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Bridget made it clear right then and there that Natasha was no longer welcome on her property. Of course, the ban did not extend to the bitter woman's child. 

After the confrontation, Natasha posted something about "selfish" newcomers on their community social media page. She took it down shortly after but not after her friends left nasty comments about Bridget on it. 

An upset woman. | Photo: Upsplash

What would you have done if you were in Bridget's shoes? Was she right to ban Natasha? Was Kelvin really innocent?

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