March 08, 2021

Houston Rapper Chucky Trill Dead Aged 33 after Being Gunned down during a Highway Shooting

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Houston rap artist Chucky Trill was gunned down a few days ago, leaving him dead after he was caught up in a highway shooting. The rapper's death came a few days before the NBA All-Star game night.

Chucky Trill, an up-and-coming rapper from Houston, has been confirmed dead after he was killed in a highway shooting on Friday night, before the NBA All-Star weekend. 

Chucky Trill, real name Corey Detiege, was said to have been out on Friday night, making connections for the NBA All-Star. However, authorities received an emergency call, predawn, pointing to a shooting.

Rapper Chucky Trill in an interview with Greenroom TV. | Source: Youtube/GreenroomTV


While the Gwinnett County Police arrived at the scene, a man later recognized as Chucky Trill was found in a terrible condition inside a stopped vehicle. The rapper was said to have lost his life at the hospital. 

The incident was one of three interstate shootings that had occurred in the last few weeks.


The suspect was also reported to have fled the crime scene, leaving the officers with no clue on the motive behind the killing. So far, no arrests have been made.

Gwinnett County Police CPL Colin Flynn made it known that highway or interstate shootings were quite volatile because the victim could be in motion, leading to multiple accidents. 

Authorities reported that the incident was one of three interstate shootings that had occurred in the last few weeks. Several rappers have taken to their social media pages paying tribute to the late rapper referred to as a good man. He was 33-years-old.