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Meet Landis Sims — 15-Year-Old Athlete without Hands and Legs Inspires Teens and Adults

Jené Liebenberg
Mar 14, 2021
09:20 A.M.

Baseball is his favorite sport, but he enjoys spending time on the basketball court too. Despite his lack of limbs, Landis Sims is an excellent athlete and a normal 15-year-old.


Landis Sims was born without hands and doesn't have legs below his knees, but his lack of limbs isn't something that stops the 15-year-old from giving his best as an athlete.

Sims is now a freshman in high school and, with his prosthetics, is taking part in his school's team sports. The 15-year-old has been exercising his athletic abilities since the age of 3.

Landis Sims and his mother during an Interview with Sports Illustrated from June 15, 2017 | Source: Youtube/ Sports Illustrated

Landis Sims and his mother during an Interview with Sports Illustrated from June 15, 2017 | Source: Youtube/ Sports Illustrated



Already 6-foot-2, Sims is an avid competitor on the sports field. Neither Sims nor his teammates hold back when it comes to game time as they don't consider his disabilities a hindrance. Sims's friend Christian Kiper noted:

“There are so many things that I’d never guess he could do but he does them. He surprises me. He’s very inspirational.”

The athlete started showing interest in any sport centered around a ball at the young age of 6 months old and joined his first basketball team at 3. His love for sports pushed him to improve his use of prosthetics.



Although the South Central High School student is equal with his peers on every level, his mother, Amanda Sims, acknowledges that he has to work harder despite her son being like all the other children.

Sims has developed into a noteworthy athlete as he now forms part of the South Central Rebels' junior varsity basketball team.


Sims's motivation is unmatched as he is determined to prove all those who question his capabilities wrong. The freshman refuses to allow his limb differences to put him on the sidelines and thrives when he is on the court with his teammates.



Sims has been amongst some of the greatest baseball athletes as he spent the day with the New York Yankees and lived out his wildest sports dreams with his heroes.

Sims, who was 10-years-old at the time of his visit, wasn't the only one who walked away inspired that day as the Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez took to social media to share about his time with the young athlete. Rodriguez shared:

“So grateful that I got to spend time with Landis Sims today. A true inspiration.”



In the five years since visiting his favorite team, Sims has developed into a noteworthy athlete as he now forms part of the South Central Rebels' junior varsity basketball team.

His coach, Greg Robinson, acknowledged that he had concerns about what the teenager would be able to do on his court, but Sims has gone on to prove that nothing is impossible for him.


Sims has professional athletes with limb differences to look up to, like former MLB pitcher, Jim Abbot who was born without a right hand. Abbot went on to achieve great success, pitching in the final winning game of the 1988 Olympics.

Terry Fox is another inspirational athlete who had to overcome the loss of his leg. Fox played basketball for the North American Wheelchair Basketball Association and reeled in three national titles during his time on the court.

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