March 10, 2021

Story of the Day: Woman Finds Out Her Boyfriend of Two Years Is Married and Has Kids

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Dishonesty could make or break many forms of relationships. They say that telling a lie is easier than speaking the truth. They believe it will get them out of trouble. 

While other people continue to hold on to their truths, others opt to tell lies one after another. This unfortunate situation happened to 20-year-old Anya. 

At a young age, Anya juggles work and family responsibilities. She goes to college every day. In the evening, she works as a waitress in a 24-hour coffee shop.

A couple enjoying the field. | Photo: Pixabay



Anya works and studies hard as she's close to finishing college. In between her daily hustle, she also takes care of her mother, Viola, who has a physical disability.

Viola met a freak accident a year ago and has been bedridden. Ana has been doing all the household chores and assists her mother in taking a bath. 

Anya has been lucky that she has Nicolas, her sweet boyfriend for three years. She met him through Facebook as they share few mutual friends in it. 

A phone with a Facebook icon. | Photo: Pixabay



Despite his good looks and a good attitude, many of Anya's friends find Nicolas too old for her. Anya became a butt of jokes calling her "sugar baby."

Anya would laugh at their jokes and remind them that Nicolas is 25. But at the back of her mind, she felt hurt. She went to her boyfriend's home and talked about her dilemma.

Anya looked him in the eye and asked him if he was really 25. Nicolas burst into laughter and told Anya not to believe her friends but she noticed that he looked defensive. 

A group of friends having a discussion. | Photo: Pixabay


Nicolas offered to make a warm tea for Anya. While he was making tea, she wandered around his living room and found her boyfriend's passport lying on a side table.

She discovered that her boyfriend's birthdate was different. It stated he was born in 1986. She remembered very well that Nicolas told her he was born in 1996.



If Nicolas was born in 1986, that meant her boyfriend was 35. Anya freaked out. As Nicolas arrived in the living room with a cup of tea, Anya shouted at him, "Liar!"

With Anya crying, Nicolas finally told her the truth. He said that he was 35, not 25, and has three children from a previous relationship. He lied because he was afraid Anya would reject him.

Anya was disappointed and told Nicolas she has never felt so hurt, cheated, and betrayed. She was heartbroken. As couples, they should be honest with each other.

A crying woman. | Photo: Pixabay

Anya couldn't believe Nicolas lied about his identity while they were in a relationship. She felt that the love of her life fooled her so she walked away.

Anya felt ashamed that she defended Nicolas from her friend's negative remarks. If you were Anya, what would you do? Meanwhile, here's another relationship drama to read about.