March 10, 2021

Sugar Ray Leonard Praises His Daughter Camille Who Is a Businesswoman & Shares a Photo of Her

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Retired pro boxer Sugar Ray Leonard honored his beautiful daughter with a subtle tribute to mark International Women's Day.

In a new Instagram post, former professional boxer, Sugar Ray Leonard sang odes to his only daughter, Camille Leonard. The 64-year-old shared a picture of the model and businesswoman looking adorable in a white top.

The pic shared in honor of International Women's Day showed the beautiful damsel leaning over the sides of a swimming pool as she posed for the shot.

Sugar Ray Leonard and Bernadette Robi attend the HollyRod Foundation's 16th Annual DesignCare in Los Angeles, California in July 2014 | Photo: Getty Images


The model seemed to have completed a lap in the pool, evident in her back-swept curls which appeared wet and plastered to her scalp. The tresses hung loosely down her shoulders, teasing the tiny straps of her scarcely visible white top.

Although Camille looked natural and make-up free, her perfectly-drawn eyebrows gave away subtle traces of a makeover, as did her eyelashes which appeared mascaraed. Leonard's caption read:

"Today I want to honor my incredible daughter @camillegleonard for building such an incredible company...I am so proud of you Camille!"


Going further, the father of four acknowledged how proud he was of her business prowess, as well as her kindness to everyone. He concluded the post with a nod to International Women's Day.

A second picture showed a bottle of fragrance from the 23-year-old's Born Indigo brand, bearing the name "Santal." Leonard shares his daughter with his wife of 27 years, Bernadette Robi. 

Their union was plagued with assault, adultery, alcoholism, and substance abuse.


The couple, who dedicate their lives to the fight against pediatric diabetes through the Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation, are also parents to a son, Daniel Ray Leonard. 

Notably, Leonard's passion for the fight against the endocrine disease diabetes can be traced back to his father, and ultimately, his career debut. He once divulged:

"I didn't plan to become a professional boxer. That changed because my dad was hospitalized for diabetes..."


Aside from his two kids with Robi, the retired boxer also has two children from his previous marriage to high school sweetheart, Juanita Wilkinson.

Their marriage sadly ended in a rocky divorce in 1990. Ardent fans of the boxing legend may recall the hostile drama that ensued following his split from Wilkinson.


Leonard's ex-wife revealed at the time that their marriage was only a public show to protect the icon's image and career. Within the walls of their home, their union was plagued with assault, adultery, alcoholism, and substance abuse.

The former boxer admitted to her allegations of assault and alcohol abuse, explaining how he adopted the habits during his post-retirement phase. Eventually, the exes reached a divorce settlement and have remained co-parents to their now grown-up sons.

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