March 11, 2021

Story of the Day: Man Buys His Daughter a Better Laptop Than the One He Got for His Son

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A father got on the receiving end of his son's anger for getting his sister a better laptop than he got him. The young son accused his dad of having favorites.

Being a parent has been considered one of the most challenging tasks one could ever get involved in. Aside from meeting the physical needs of their children, parents also have to meet their emotional needs.

Most parents confessed that the most difficult part of parenting is sharing your love and attention amongst children. While parents try to stay neutral when dealing with their kids, the kids' different personalities make it difficult for all to get the same treatment.


A portrait of an angry teen wearing glasses. | Photo: Getty Images

A 40-year-old father got accused by his son of being partial. Brown, an engineer, and a single father, has three kids. His eldest are both seventeen, and his youngest, seven.  


Brown has tried to ensure that his kids lack nothing, both emotionally and financially. He prioritizes their education and makes sure to provide all that they need.


Four years ago, Brown got his eldest kids, Ryan and Molly, new laptops for their school work. His thoughts were that they were going to use it for a long time since it was quality.

After a year, Ryan broke his. Ryan is the careless one amongst the kids, so it is never a surprise when his things get bad. After his laptop got bad, Brown decided to get him another.


Initially, Brown had planned on getting him a low-quality laptop to sort his school issues out, but their grandmother bought a better one for him. Less than two years after getting his second laptop, Ryan broke it.

This time around, Brown felt getting Ryan an expensive laptop was a waste, so he decided to get him one of the low-quality laptops from his school.


Not long after, Ryan broke his new laptop. His dad bought him a used laptop that was cheap but good enough for school. A few days ago, their seven-year-old sister Gigi spilled water on Molly's laptop, which ruined it.

Brown bought Molly an expensive laptop since she was good at caring for her gadgets. Seeing his sister's laptop, Ryan accused his father of being unfair. He claimed that Brown had shown preferential treatment to Molly and gave him something inferior to his sister's.


Brown explained that Ryan had broken three laptops in 4 years while Molly had used hers without damaging them.

He asked his son to get a job if he wanted a new laptop. Ryan complained to their relatives that his dad was partial. Do you think so too?

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